4 Reasons Why Keeping Your Server Room Clean Is Essential

Nov 24, 2019

Most companies have a server room that is the heart of their business. In the server room, the company’s data is stored, which is essential to the company’s business since it may have things like; sales reports, financial transactions, client information, statistical reports, and many more that need to be protected. Dust, temperature and other contaminants have the capability of causing major threats to your equipment in the server room. It’s, therefore, obvious to keep your server room well maintained and clean will maximize efficiency. Here’s why hiring us as a cleaning company for your server room is essential.

The Equipment Lasts Longer

Keeping Your Server Room CleanDust and other particles tend to accumulate quite quickly. In the server room where the hardware’s run continuously with machines bringing in the air to cool the internal components, the dust gets drawn into the machines during the cooling process. This can easily cause machines in the server room to overheat and cause damages that are expensive to repair. Air Conditioning should be free from dust as well to enable the server room to get clean air for the process of machine cooling. Changing the air filters of your server room’s air conditioning often will maximize the cooling efficiency. Keeping your server room clean and free from dust improves the lifespan and performance of your equipment.

Preventing Rodents and Bugs in the Server Room

Rodents and Insects can easily make a home out of a server room. This is the last thing you want in your server room. They can bring major damage and crazy downtimes to the servers. Rodents are always on the floor, and they tend to eat the wires, and they also carry bacteria to the equipment. Rodents and insects can be prevented by reducing exposure points; a server room needs fewer doors and fewer windows that are high enough to prevent rodents from coming in. Hiring a cleaning service will enable the company to keep the server room clean and detect any rodent issues before it becomes a menace.

Get Control of Wires and Cords

The server room has wires and codes everywhere. Untidy server rooms have wires and cables all over hence making the room look so disorganized. In case your server goes down, you probably want to get them back up as quick as possible for a business to resume. Keeping your server room clean will make the cords and wires organized and out of the way. Getting a cleaning company, they can be able to label the wires and cords on both ends. This will make locating which cords correlate to each server simple and quick. Tracking them becomes very quick and easy when the codes and wires are in order.

Prevents Fire Hazards

Technology and equipment get very hot when used over a while. Server room fires are very common, and they always cause costly damages like long downtimes, loss of equipment and data loss. The equipment, when put together, produces a lot of heat adding other factors like airflow constriction caused by dust, stacked equipment, and human error; it can easily lead to short circuits and overheating hence causing server room fires. Keeping your server room clean reduces fire risks.

Getting Started

To sum this up, keeping your server room clean is vital and key, and it will save your company a lot of time and money. One bad choice, for instance, untidiness can derail all your work hard. Getting a cleaning company can reduce work and increase productivity levels. Contact us to help keep your server room clean and safe.

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