Anderson Floor Maintenance

Apr 1, 2011

At Summit Janitorial, we carry out Anderson floor  maintenance to professional standards. We have efficient equipment that is designed for this type of work, and we have skilled crews with the experience to make sure your floors are looking their best.

Proper Floor Maintenance Creates a Long-Lasting Floor

How much maintenance do hard floors need? Professionals maintain floors using this approach:

  • Weekly vacuum and/or dust mop: Vacuuming removes surface dust and dirt before it compacts into the floor’s finish and dulls its luster. Vacuuming also pulls up dust from the grooves of plank floors.
  • Periodic maintenance: Your floor also needs periodic maintenance for keeping it in top shape. The frequency and the specific tasks involved in periodic maintenance depend on the type of floor you have, but often, stripping, waxing, and buffing is needed.

Types of Floors

Our Anderson floor maintenance covers all types of flooring, including:

  • concrete floors
  • terrazzo floors
  • clay and ceramic tile floors
  • brick flooring
  • natural stone floors
  • flagstone / bluestone

Preventive Maintenance Tips for Wood Floors

The best thing to remember about wood floors is that wood and water don’t mix. You never want to pour water on a wood floor, no matter what type of finish you have on it. Another thing to remember is: always check the

label on the  floor maintenance product you are using to ensure it is designed specifically for wood floors.

Contact Summit Janitorial for trained expertise in maintaining your Anderson floors.

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