What To Look For In A Cleaning Service

Apr 25, 2018

Here are some factors to consider to facilitate your search and ensure the company you finally hire is adequately prepared to care for your premises and its valuable possessions.

Quality Standards

What To Look For In A Cleaning Service

Look for a cleaning company that has a comprehensive quality assurance program that includes regular inspections, follow-up procedures such as mail surveys, leaves behind comment cards, and phone calls. The company should also have specific individuals in charge of quality assurance and sufficient methods to measure quality on an ongoing basis. At Summit Janitorial services, we are committed to excellence from our skillful employees to the processes, whether you are a small or multi-national company we guarantee quality cleaning standards that are beyond your expectations.

Bonded and Insured

This is a crucial aspect when hiring for cleaning services. A cleaning company that is bonded and insured is legal protection both to you and the company. Particularly, when a service is bonded, it signifies that they are backed by state funds in the event of property damage or the possibility of theft occurring. Also when a company is insured, the insurance policy will cover accidents or injury sustained while the employee is performing his or her duties in and around your premises. Ensure that the cleaning company you hire possess adequate insurance to protect yourself from any liability. Take advantage of the Summit Janitorial services; they are a fully licensed, bonded and insured cleaning company.

Supplies and equipment

It is also essential to understand the products and equipment a cleaning company uses. Are they environmentally friendly? Cleaning companies should use green cleaning products and processes. These cleaning solutions do not damage surfaces yet provide excellent results. Additionally, find out what certifications the cleaner has-and whether they can help your business get the kinds of green certifications that will help meet your environmental goals. The right quality and type of equipment the company uses enable the company to meet all your cleaning needs perfectly. With Summit Janitorial we assure the use of high standard equipment including vacuum cleaners with ratings that exceed HEPA standards.

Experience and training

Experience is crucial, a company that has been operating for a considerable amount of time suggests that it is consistent, dependable and successful. Opt for Summit Janitorial services, with two decades experience they have become an authority in this field. Experience is even better when supported by specific and ongoing training. Check for information about the training staff cleaners receive, who trains them, and how often their training is refreshed and updated. A thorough training program will also help to ensure top quality cleaning every time.

References and Testimonials

An excellent cleaning service provider should be able to provide reliable references who can vouch for the quality of their service. You can contact these customers so that you discuss their impressions as well as their experiences. Many companies keep written recommendations and testimonials from their clients on file because they offer great insight into a company’s cleaning service. Read what our clients say about us on our website summitjanitorial.com.

Contact us for affordable cleaning service; we use the latest processes backed by our team of local experts to provide a clean, healthy, environment for you and your employees.

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