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Dec 1, 2010

Image: from Summit Janitorial YouTube Video – Owner Todd Coleman does a walk through of a building.

Most companies offering commercial cleaning in Greenville SC claim to provide the same basic set of services. Because of that fact, you might think that there’s little difference among janitorial service providers in the area. We’d like to show you how much difference there really is.

At Summit Janitorial, our number one way of setting ourselves apart from the rest is our people.

Let’s Get to Work!

Image: from Summit Janitorial YouTube Video “Let’s Get to Work!”

We are a local company with deep roots in the community and we focus on hiring quality people. We perform background checks and we believe in paying wages a bit higher than other companies doing commercial cleaning in Greenville, SC. This results in happy employees who like their jobs and perform well for our customers.

Image: from Summit Janitorial YouTube Video – Out takes – a lighter moment with owner Todd Coleman

Flexible Scheduling

We want to clean your office or facility when you want it cleaned. The commercial cleaning in Greenville SC that we offer can be done once a week, every day or on any schedule that meets your needs. We are available 24-hours a day for scheduling.

Emergency Service 24/7

Our services also include emergency clean ups and service for special events. If you need us we are there for you. You will never have a lengthy wait for a call back from us.  We believe in getting to know our clients and establishing personal relationships; you will know the people you are talking to.

Great Appearance – Optimal Health and Safety

When you contact us about commercial cleaning in Greenville SC we will meet with you to survey your facility. Once you have hired us, you will be able to rest assured that your facility has not only been cleaned for appearances; it has also been cleaned to ensure the health and safety of everyone that enters.

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