Why Your Customers Care How Clean Your Shop Is

Nov 15, 2019

While you can’t always judge a book by its cover, there are instances where appearances do matter. When it comes to attracting business, customers do care about how clean your shop is. If the outside of your shop is dirty, has broken signs, broken lights, or there is trash around, they are less likely to go inside because they are wondering if the outside is that bad, then how bad is the inside?

Why Customers Care How Clean The Shop Is

Customers care How Clean Your Shop IsCustomers care how clean your shop is for a wide variety of reasons. One reason is that if there is any litter, broken glass, or torn up mats, then those items pose as a tripping and falling hazard, especially for older people. Another reason is customers believe that if the outside is messy, then the business is not doing well.

Cleanliness is also a suggestion of how safe the area is. If your business looks dirty on the outside, then it suggests that the neighborhood might not be safe since nobody wants to hang around outside long enough to keep the exterior tidy.

Take Care Of The Exterior

  • Trash on sidewalks or walkways. This can pose as a trip and fall hazard and a health hazard.
  • Dirty windows suggest that nobody working there cares enough to take a minute each day to give the windows a quick clean.
  • Broken signs and broken lights. If the signs or lights are broken, then they might fall. If they are not in danger of falling, then it appears as though the business doesn’t care about their appearance.

Take Care Of The Interior

  • Bathrooms. Most customers use the bathrooms as a measuring stick for how well the customer service is and how much the business cares.
  • Clean floors. Nobody wants to be walking on a sticky or dirty floor.
  • Trash cans. Customers don’t want trash spilling out of trash cans.
  • Spills. Spills are a safety issue and should be cleaned up immediately.

Potential For Injuries and Health Violations

Not only could your business be found at fault if a customer falls and hurts themselves, but also if your employee injures themselves if the shop is not clean. The business wouldn’t even have to be a restaurant, what if there is mold growing or if you have attracted mice and rats? Businesses are obligated by law to ensure safe surroundings, inside and out.

Snow And Ice

Greenville, South Carolina sees an average of three inches of snow per year. If there is snow in front of your doors, that can contribute to falls and how clean your shop is.

When it comes to caring about how clean your shop is, Summit Janitorial is there for you. Proudly serving Greenville, South Carolina, we provide commercial cleaning, restroom sanitation, and we serve anyone from retail facilities to banks and daycare centers. Act today to keep your shop clean for tomorrow.

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