Cutting Sick Days through Proper Office Cleaning

Dec 15, 2016

Cutting Sick Days through Proper Office Cleaning

Winter season is also the flu season, a season when a high percentage of people catch cold. However, everyone has to go to work despite the condition and during this time at least one employee in every office is likely to be carrying the virus. A visitor or a client could also be carrying the germs which will be left in the workplace. A person with the infection can spread to the others in the office very first by sneezing and talking. A person can also get the virus by touching a contaminated object. These germs can stay alive on a surface for about two days, and that’s why they need proper cleaning.

Some people will notice the problem when it is too late, and everyone is already contaminated. This leads to employees’ absenteeism and in some cases, these germs can lead to office closure. The cost of staff absenteeism is very high as a lot is lost due to low productions in the company. When they get sick, they cannot work at the same pace as they did before and this is a great loss for the firm. Moreover, they have to be compensated and granted medical allowance. This cost can be cut down if measures to reduce the spread of these germs are taken.

Keeping distance from the sick person is not enough to protect yourself. There are major spots in the office that a sick person is likely to touch more than ten times a day which are the germ hotspot. Some of these places include;

The computer hardware – Every employee in an office is likely to get in contact with the machine more than six times a day when checking into documents. The devices are used by different people from time to time mostly if they are few in an office and they have to be shared.

Phone receiver – This office equipment has to be used on a daily basis by different individuals for message delivery across the firm and to clients.

Toilet flush levels – It is a regular thing that in a day, the toilet will be used by almost all the employees

Other germ hotspots include doorknobs, the refrigerator door handle, light buttons, vending machine button, water fountain buttons, cabinet lockers, lift buttons, hand drier buttons, sponges, dish towels, microwave buttons, kettles and cups handles.

Some of the protective measures from germs are by covering your face when working in an office with an infected person, putting on gloves, washing your hands regularly but these are not efficient enough. Proper cleaning of the surfaces is required to protect the workers and reduce sick days. For an excellent office cleaning, you need to hire an expert to do the job. This is because some of the detergents and chemicals used for cleaning in the room are mild, hence not convenient enough to kill germs. Professional cleaners do thorough cleaning killing all the germs. They can make a proper inspection to identify the bacteria spots something that cannot be done by simple regular cleaning.

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