Deep Clean Your Office Before We Come Back From Quarantine

Apr 14, 2020

A deep clean for your office might seem like an unnecessary expense, but considering the recent worldwide events, it is necessary now, more than ever.

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, people are looking to disinfect their homes and offices. Schools and businesses all over the US have closed for deep cleaning to control the spread of the novel virus.

Although respiratory droplets are the primary mode of transmitting the coronavirus, the CDC suggests that the current tests show that the virus can remain active on various materials for hours or days.

A deep clean is necessary to keep your office clean and safe from bacteria and germs.

But Your Business Is Closed

Well, if your business took a break, chances are traces of the virus, if there were any, will have died out by the time you open shop. True, but what about the dust?

Hidden away, corners and cracks can harbor dust, mold, and bacteria communities that can go unnoticed for months. Now that few people or nobody is at work, dust will build up before you go back. This makes now the best time for your deep clean your office.

Keep reading to find out why it makes sense to give your work environment a deep clean.

What Are the Benefits of Deep Cleaning an Office?

Reduces Sickness

Offices are surprisingly unhygienic places. Bacteria and viruses can thrive on keyboards, desks, office equipment, and other surfaces putting employees at risk.

Colds, cases of flu, and vomiting bugs are common illnesses that people suffer in the office when they encounter germs within the workplace. As we can all tell, this is bad for the employees and the business as well.

Doing a deep clean of workstations, toilets, reception, and other parts of your office could significantly improve hygiene and reduce sickness leaves.

Improving Employee Morale

A dirty office sends a wrong message to employees as well as potential clients. For one thing, a poorly maintained working environment comes across as unprofessional, and this negativity might filter down to the attitude of your employees.

Taking office cleaning lightly also comes across as not valuing your employees and business. So, do your office cleaning today and watch the moods around the workplace light up.

Impresses Clients

A dirty patch or a corner with cobwebs you missed during your regular cleaning could be the reason you lose your first client after the quarantine.

Nobody likes dirty offices or rooms, and your first impression will go a long way into determining the success of your business.

If your office receives frequent visitors, the attractiveness and cleanliness of your business will play a part in client retention and future referrals.

Although you might be thinking of looking to deep clean your office on your own or with the help of employees, chances are you are not qualified enough.

Lack of proper cleaning equipment and cleaning knowledge will lead to substandard cleaning. You might even damage equipment in the case of sensitive areas like server rooms or electronic equipment.

Hiring a professional cleaning company like Summit Janitorial is the only way to go.

What Our Office Deep Clean Delivers

  • Sparkling clean work surfaces
  • Flawless floors
  • Welcoming reception area
  • Spick-and-span canteens
  • Hygienic restrooms
  • And much more

You can download our brochure here to know more about Summit Janitorial Services.

Steps to Deep Clean Clean Your Office

The first step of having a clean workspace is contacting Summit Janitorial Services by phone or online. Next, one of our professionals will arrange a visit to evaluate your deep cleaning needs.

An estimate on both the cost and timeframe for the work are all-inclusive of this first visit.

When you are ready, we work out a schedule for evenings or weekends to minimize office disruption. However, if your employees are currently at home, we can work with you anytime you need our services.

Contact us for more information.

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