Why A Dirty Workplace is Scarier Then Halloween

Oct 26, 2017

Creepy cobwebs… dim lights flickering under dust… sounds of rustling and tiny feet scampering across the floor. It’s not a Haunted House – it’s your office, and it’s scary dirty. Halloween is full of frights and screams, but your workplace shouldn’t be! Are there dirty dishes in the break room? Does your office fridge make you squeamish? Are those cobwebs natural or decorations? We know cleaning a dirty workplace is scary, but we are professionals. Lighten up your office and create a healthier, happier work environment.

a dirty workplace is scarier then HalloweenA dirty workplace isn’t just unsightly – did you know that it can be unhealthy for your employees, especially in the fall and winter? People can be contagious with the flu up to two days before they realize they are sick.

• Touchable shared surfaces, doors & handles, and even your breakroom kitchen can all be home to many different germs

• Thorough cleaning and dusting reduces allergens in the workplace

• Even if the surface looks clean, it may not truly be disinfected

Keep yourself and your staff healthier this fall. Summit Janitorial is a professional cleaning service specializing in business and office clients. We know where the germs hide – and we get them! We use the proper cleaning chemicals for multiple surface types to ensure that each one is clean and cared for.

A clean office isn’t just free of nasty germs – people work better in a clean environment, and report greater workplace satisfaction when they have a tidy space. No one likes doing their job in a dirty workplace, and you want your employees doing their best. You’ve selected them to do their jobs well, and although they may pick up after themselves, they aren’t professional cleaners. At Summit Janitorial, we are. Using a professional cleaning service

• Increases employee morale. No one wants to be “stuck with” bathroom duty if they were hired for an office or sales job

• Keeps staff productivity high. Instead of taking time out to wash the sink, dust the blinds, or vacuum the floor, your employees can focus on their jobs

• Saves you storage space and money – you won’t need to purchase and store cleaning chemicals, supplies, and dirty mops in a little closet. At Summit Janitorial, we use our own chemicals and equipment

• Gives your customers a great first impression of your business. The way your space looks says a lot about your business

• Clean and stock your restrooms, and ensure that supplies are on hand and readily available

• Reduces sick days and work time lost

Keep your focus on running your business, and trust Summit Janitorial to keep it looking nice. We are bonded and insured, with many satisfied clients in the Greenville area. With our expertise in cleaning offices and medical facilities, we know how to do a thorough job. This fall, have our professional cleaning crew take care of those scary “decorations” in your office. At Summit janitorial, we don’t cut corners – we clean them! Call us at 864-277-3538 or go online at www.summitjanitorial.com for more information and to request a quote.

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