Everything You Need to Know About Dust Mites

Oct 17, 2015

dust mites

Dust mites are microscopic organisms that resemble the spider. These organisms live in human habitation and thrive on upholstered furniture, mattresses, curtains, beddings, and carpets. Studies have shown that dust mites are a major cause of asthma and allergic symptoms in the whole world and Greenville, SC is not an exception. Their guts contain proteases enzymes in abundance that persists in their feces.

The proteases are a major inducer of allergic symptoms that adversely affect human health. The most notable allergy is wheezing. These mites have a translucent body thus making them barely visible to the unaided eye. Their normal size range is between 0.2 and 0.3 millimeters in length, and only a microscope with 10X magnification can view these organisms clearly. The male’s life cycle ranges between 10 to 19 days while the female can last up to 70 days. During their lifetime, the females lay 60 to 100 eggs thus increasing their number exponentially.

In about 10-week lifespan, a dust mite produces around 2000 fecal particles added to a greater number of partly digested enzyme-covered dust particles. Due to their size, they thrive in numbers between 100 and 500 animals per gram of dust. Moreover, the dust mites’ exoskeletons, striated cuticles, can contribute to allergic reactions. Unlike other kinds of mites, the dust mites do not burrow under human skin and are not parasitic.

These microscopic creatures feed on the flakes of skin that people and their pets shed daily. They thrive excellently in warm and humid environments and only feed on substances that have already been acted upon by fungi. Due to their minute size, they are not easily visible to the naked eye. Their size also makes it a challenge to get rid of them without the assistance of pro-janitorial services.

Summit Janitorial Services have experts with over 14 years of experience. As it is evident from feedback and positive reviews from existing customers, we deliver top quality and reliable services in all of Greenville, SC. No matter how clean your home or office may seem, it cannot be totally free of dust mites unless you engage the services of professionals. The professional custodians have the skills and equipment to get rid of all the mites in your premises.

We have reliable dehumidifiers that maintain the humidity of our premises below 50%. Since dust mites thrive in humid conditions, we dehumidify your premises to make the environment non-conducive for the mites to thrive. Furthermore, we provide you with dust-proof and allergen-impermeable mattress and pillow covers to avert dust mites from thriving in your beddings. We have heaters that are used to heat your non-washable bedding to high temperatures that kill all dust mites thriving in your household.

Additionally, we have effective freezers in which we can keep your bedding overnight to get rid of all dust mites. We will also provide you with free consultation services to help you get rid of items and materials in your house that are prevalent to the thriving of dust mites. Our staff members are professional and well trained to get rid of all these microscopic organisms in your premises. They always use double-layered micro filter bags on vacuum cleaners to trap all allergens that may pass through a vacuum’s exhaust.

We have a huge network in the whole of Greenville, SC. Therefore, whenever you call us, we respond promptly and complete the tasks assigned to considerable times and with the utmost professionalism.

Dust mites are microscopic organisms that resemble the spider.

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