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Jun 1, 2012

In Facility Services, It’s the People that Count

Summit Janitorial has been providing facility services in Greenville SC since 1994. To stay in the business this long requires consistent, high quality service. To us, quality service is not just based on the shine on your bathroom faucets or the great look of a freshly vacuumed floor space. Instead, it’s about great customer service. It’s not really our equipment or our ability to schedule crews that keeps our customers with us… it’s what happens when you call us in an emergency, and how we keep in touch with you regularly to make sure all is well and you’re happy with our service.

We are a locally owned company providing outstanding services, while focusing the importance of personal relationships.

Clean and Well-Maintained Facilities Create a Happy Workforce

Summit offers customized facility services in Greenville SC that enhance the workplace for both your employees and customers. By making your facilities gleam, we make your employees smile and your managers shine.


Summit Janitorial is bonded and insured, and provide all chemicals you need and all the cleaning equipment. We can also to provide consumable supplies such as paper products and plastic liners at cost-effective prices.

Quality Control

Our crews are highly trained – even to the point of taking care of surgical and medical centers – and we use stat-of-the-art equipment to clean your facilities thoroughly and efficiently. We carefully monitor each facility, whether it is a large institution or a single office. Both our staff and our crews take pride in their work. Our whole approach is focused on maintaining quality through consistency and accountability.

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Facility Services in Greenville SC |  Summit Janitorial

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