Finding Where Germs Live: Why Greenville Cleaners Keep You Healthy

Jan 20, 2018

It’s been a pretty nasty cold and flu season. Have you made the decision to hire a professional janitorial service to clean your business? If you haven’t, you’re not only missing out on taking the load off your employees, you’re also risking more sick days than your competitors that are using Greenville Cleaners to clean, sanitize, and disinfect their shops.

Cleaning isn’t the same as disinfecting or sanitizing

Although you can (and should) task your employees to clean their workspaces and general office area, many of them aren’t trained in sanitizing and disinfecting the way that professionals are. General cleaning removes dirt and debris from surfaces, as well as dust or stains. However, it’s not the same as a deep cleaned, sanitized, touchable surface.

Germs love to hide in plain sight – ask any hotel housekeeper what the dirtiest part of a room is, and she’ll say the TV remote every time. Likewise, expert janitors like the ones at Greenville Cleaners know which surfaces get handled frequently and need special sanitation. Door handles, counters, and displays all can harbor germs that are often overlooked.

When you clean, you remove existing dirt and reduce germs and bacteria. Sanitizing and disinfecting them eliminates germs entirely by killing them. Different surfaces require different types of treatment for the most effective sanitization.

Professional cleaners are trained germ eliminators

Greenville Cleaners Find germsJust as you hire your sales staff for their ability to close a deal and your customer service representatives for their ability to solve customer issues with a smile, so also do we train our cleaning teams to find every nook and cranny for dirt and germs. We don’t just give things a wipe and call it done – we actually pre-clean before disinfecting every touchable surface, then treat each type of surface with the appropriate sanitizing solution to kill the existing germs.

With years of experience cleaning offices, medical facilities, and stores, the staff at Greenville Cleaners has cleaning down to an efficient science. Teams are fully supervised, and every job is inspected by a supervisor in ensuring that we’ve cleaned your business to the high standards you expect.

How does professional cleaning differ from my DIY jobs?

First, professional cleaners understand exactly how to treat surfaces in order to kill resistant bacteria, such as MRSA. We also know how to make sure that cold and flu germs are completely killed, instead of just wiped around. Professional cleaners will take the time to allow surfaces to be disinfected while your business is closed, reducing the interruption of professional cleaning treatments.

Expert cleaners use professional tools, This includes vacuums with strong HEPA filters to reduce airborne dirt and germs, and improve air quality. We also use special products that have little to no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), irritants, or flammable ingredients. Professional cleaning eliminates unpleasant odors in restrooms, which are partly caused by excess bacteria. Many customers say that a clean or dirty restroom determines whether they will return to a business or stay away!

When it’s time to hire a professional janitorial service, give Greenville Cleaners, Summit Janitorial, a call or visit us online. We can provide a custom quote for your business, leaving you clean, sparkling, and healthy.

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