Summit: The Area’s Most Respected Janitorial Services Company

Jan 1, 2012

Greenville – Janitorial Services

With more than 20 years serving the Greenville area, Summit Janitorial Services has become one of the most successful and respected janitorial services companies.

Our success is because of our commitment to customer satisfaction.  At Summit, you’re not just a number on some franchise sheet, but a real person representing a real business that deserves the best janitorial services possible. We create a customized plan for your building and hire only the most trusted employees, so when you hand over the keys to your building, you can feel confident and assured.  Summit specializes in:

  • Commercial cleaning for your business that will keep your building spotless, so your customers come into a vibrant office every day
  • Medical cleaning to provide the most healthy environment, specializing in universal precautions, OSHA blood-born pathogens, management of contagious diseases and incident reporting
  • Specialized floor cleaning for a variety of surfaces including ceramic tile, brick, gym floors, linoleum, vinyl, concrete and epoxy.
  • Carpeted floor care – both daily cleaning and regular deep steam cleaning.

The Summit Difference

Every Summit customer receives a promise and guarantee not only that our cleaning and janitorial services comply with your company’s needs and standards, but also that our staff react quickly and professionally to any concerns you may have. We believe that a job worth doing is worth doing right, and that’s the promise we offer our janitorial services customers.

We make sure every inch of your business is cleaned from top to bottom. We clean not only the obvious spots, but also the never seen and hardly thought of areas, such as tops of partitions and behind toilets. Our Greenville janitorial services are second to none.

If you need janitorial services or specialized floor cleaning, call us today and discuss how we can help make your life a little easier.

Summit Janitorial
Greenville | Janitorial Services
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