Greenville Janitors Are The Unsung Hero’s of Downtowns Redevelopment

Feb 6, 2018

Picture the scene in a movie of the scary, run-down part of town, where danger lurks. Is it clean? Probably not. In fact, one of the most stereotypical ways places are shown to be unsafe or unpleasant is being dirty! Professional cleaning services can fix that impression in a snap. Downtown Greenville is experiencing amazing revitalization, and hardworking Greeneville janitors, like those working for Summit Janitorial Services, are an integral part of the efforts.

Greenville JanitorsWhen your business is clean, customers stay longer. Although many people can’t exactly put a finger on why, there are some studies show that a clean business makes people feel more relaxed and safe. Business owners who take pride in the appearance of their stores and offices generally will keep them secure, and the products will be safe to purchase or consume, goes the thinking. Some studies show that a clean business encourages people to stay more than twice as long as they would stay at a dirty one. If you consider the rows of businesses lining the streets of downtown Greeneville, it’s little wonder that the ones that have clean doors, well-swept entryways, and sparkling windows are the ones that have the most patrons.

Your customers aren’t the only ones that have a more pleasant experience in your clean office or shop. Your employees will feel more relaxed, have better morale, and take better care of serving your customers in a clean store, versus one that’s dirty and dusty. When your staff sees that you, the business owner, take care of the place that they work, making sure that they have a sanitized workstations, and that you’re taking steps to prevent illness from spreading by having regular janitorial service, they will trust that you have their best interests in mind. Employees who trust their bosses give better service, have less turnover, and report higher job satisfaction.

Keeping your own business clean makes good business sense not just for you, but for the rest of the downtown community. At Summit Janitorial Services, we understand taking pride in our community. As a locally owned and operated business, we are your Greeneville friends and neighbors. Your downtown is our downtown, and we enjoy our role in keeping it looking clean and well maintained. A city whose residents all help to keep clean is a city full of people who care about their neighbors and friends. It’s a place with civic pride and one that welcomes visitors.

Choosing Summit as your Greenville janitors is an investment in your community. We take pride in our work, and we develop a custom cleaning plan for each of our clients. From sanitary restrooms to dust-free ceilings, Summit Janitorial has you covered. We know where to find lurking dirt and germs – and we clean it. During cold and flu season we are especially careful to disinfect many germ-friendly touchable surfaces, keeping your customers and employees healthier. In the summer, we’re careful to dust well, eliminating pollen from your displays and fans. We are fast, professional, and local. Summit Janitorial – we don’t cut corners; we clean them!

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