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Nov 8, 2018

In striving to achieve the highest possible levels of cleanliness, it is a recommendation that you look for the best service providers in the cleaning industry. Summit Janitorial has been our excellent cleaning persons for quite some time. They are a bonded, licensed and insured cleaning company with customized solutions based on trust.

Hand the keys to your building expecting nothing less than a sparkling clean building. They have been providing cleaning services at Greenville Medical Offices, and they have delivered beyond our expectations all the time.

Summit Janitorials medical cleaning work in Greenville SC offer different services as outlined below:

Greenville Medical Offices

If not cleaned well, hospitals are places that are highly susceptible to fungal and bacterial manifestations. Healthcare-acquired infections have been on an upward projection, and the issue of cleanliness can no longer be taken lightly. These infections come from dirty surfaces can be transmitted to different recipients unknowingly. Proper care in surfaces marked as hot spots is crucial. should

It is evident that reducing hospital-acquired infections can only be achieved by involving professional janitorial services to do the cleaning on their behalf of the medical practitioners.

This is why janitorial staff is essential in assisting control associated risks.

Disinfecting with TBcide products in operating rooms

TB-Cide Quat is always ready-to-use,one-step cleaner intermediate level, and disinfectant for use in schools, nursing homes ,hospitals, and other related areas. With the higher chances of infection in operation rooms,TBcide products are considered the perfect counters for such infections.

With their highly trained crews, Summit janitorial is the best in this practice. They buy it for you, so there is no anytime you will find yourself moving up and down looking for the product and still clean the area excellently.

Sanitation of all touchable surfaces

These touchable surfaces include; doorknobs, countertops, tables and all other surfaces that are regularly in contact with humans in a medical facility. Some of these areas are often ignored by the cleaner or are not emphasized during cleaning, and it is dangerous. Proper cleaning and disinfecting are crucial in killing germs.

There are several solutions used in cleaning and disinfecting surfaces but they should not be used in heavily soiled surfaces. In such cases, you need to clean the surface first then you disinfect, the cleaning is done to avoid leaving some bacteria that tend to hide beneath the soiled covers.

A standard cleaning procedure should include the following steps;

1. Clean the surface with a cleaning solution and remove any visible soil on the surface. The cleaning is because most disinfectants work well on clean surfaces and it considerably reduces the number of bacteria.

2. Rinse the cleaned surface carefully to remove any chemical remains. Rinsing ensures that the face surface does not attract any more soils

3. Disinfecting should strictly be done using a disinfectant that is EPA registered. You should carefully observe the given right manual.

4. Finally, rinse the surface with clean water.

summit janitorials follow the procedures above and no doubt,they will leave you admiring the work the have done in your office.

Facilitating AAAHC accreditation, Medicare certification, and Joint Commission Certification

This certification is possible due to the higher standards of cleanliness set by the Summit janitorial services. They offer professional services that no doubt will facilitate your facility Medicare certification.

The Takeaway

Summit Janitorial is a local experienced and committed cleaning company. They ensure that germs and infections are no longer an issue in your facility. Their routine practices are the best you will ever find around, and their highly trained staff is second to none. Try them in cleaning your medical facility, and you will never regret.

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