Greenville Restroom Sanitation

Jun 1, 2012

Summit Janitorial provides excellent Greenville restroom sanitation. Perhaps the most essential service of a good janitorial firm is helping clients keep their restrooms in top shape: clean, without odor, and nice looking. We clean medical centers and sterilize operating rooms, so we know how to combat dangerous pathogens.

Why is Restroom Sanitation Important?

We believe restroom sanitation is good for people and good for business. A shining and spotless restroom shows that you care about the people in your workplace.

  • It reduces the health hazards in restrooms by killing bacteria and germs on sinks, urinals, and toilets.
  • It provides a pleasant restroom environment for those who use it.
  • It reduces the chance of customer complaints.
  • It enhances your business image.
  • Every time a toilet is flushed, a flood of bacteria and viruses gets pushed up into the air.
  • The most common way illnesses are passed from one person to another is via touching untreated restroom fixtures.

It’s Not Only Important, It’s Critical

That’s why it’s critical to ensure your restroom facilities are cleaned regularly by skilled crews.

How We Combat Harmful Microbes

Cross contamination happens when harmful microbes are carried from one object to another. Our cleaning crews reduce the cycle of cross-contamination via the use of both bactericidal and bacteriostatic chemicals. Bactericidal chemicals kill harmful bacteria and other microbes, while bacteriostatic chemicals limit their future growth through a residual effect.

Take advantage of our expertise today and give us a call or contact us via email. We’ll be happy to pay you a visit and give you a free quote for your entire facility, including those all-important restrooms.

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