Greenville SC’s top Commercial Cleaning Services: Summit Janitorial

Feb 11, 2015

greenville-scMaintaining a clean, sanitary commercial business or public facility that consistently impresses new and existing customers is essential for appearing as professional and reputable as possible. When customers enter a building that smells stale and musty, has dirty bathrooms and flooring that looks like it has never seen a vacuum cleaner or mop, they don’t really care about anything except exiting that building as soon as possible.

Before Hiring a Cleaning Company

Rushing to find and hire commercial cleaning services on the Internet may cause you to experience more problems than what you already have. Before you allow a cleaning company to have access to your business or facility, make sure you do the following:

  • Shop around for price quotes in the Greenville SC area. Write off companies that give you estimates over the phone without first visiting your building and evaluating the situation. No way can a professional cleaning company provide you with a legitimate estimate just by asking you a few questions on the phone. What usually happens is these fast-talking companies will give you a low estimate just to get hired and then increase the cost once they start working.
  • Ask the company what commercial cleaning services are included in the estimate. Will they sanitize bathrooms? Steam clean carpets? Dust all fixtures? Wipe down walls?
  • Do they offer customized commercial cleaning services? Not all cleaning requirements are the same, especially concerning medical and restaurant facilities. If you need specialized cleaning tasks, ask the cleaning company if they are qualified and experienced enough to perform them.
  • When the cleaning company comes to assess your building, ask them for proof of insurance to operate in Greenville SC.
  • Don’t just sign the contract they offer after settling on a quote and other particulars. Read it thoroughly. Some commercial cleaning services slip in a clause that locks you in for a certain amount of time. What if you aren’t happy with the services provided by the cleaners? You don’t want to be obligated by a contract you neglected to read.
  • How long has the cleaning company been operating in Greenville SC? One year? Five years? 10 years? Remember that the longer the company has been working, the more experienced and reputable they are likely to be.
  • Ask for a list of references from the cleaning company. If they are an established and popular cleaning company in Greenville SC, they can readily provide you with plenty of references from satisfied clients.

Why Summit Janitorial is the #1 Commercial Cleaning Company in Greenville SC

For over 20 years, Summit Janitorial has been the Upstate’s first choice in commercial cleaning services. In addition to fulfilling all requirements necessary for a cleaning company to be considered one of the best in the commercial cleaning industry, Summit Janitorial provides more than just routine cleaning services, including 24/7 emergency services and hospital operating room sterilization.

Summit Janitorial in Greenville SC is qualified to clean the following facilities:

  • Industrial
  • Business/commercial
  • Financial institutions
  • Medical/hospital/research centers
  • Churches
  • Daycare Centers
  • Colleges, universities and public schools
  • Retail/malls/shopping centers

To provide the highest quality sterilization procedures in medical facilities, Summit Janitorial uses TBcide disinfectants in ORs, sanitizes all surfaces and facilitates Medicare certification and AAAHC accreditation. In addition, Summit Janitorial comprehensively trains staff members by providing them with instruction in Universal Precaution, management of infectious diseases, OSHA blood-born pathogens and detailed incident reporting procedures.

For all your cleaning needs, depend on Greenville SC’s top commercial cleaning services–Summit Janitorial.


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