Gross, Get Someone Else to do it: Why You should hire a Janitorial service

Feb 5, 2014

Portrait of happy professional female cleaner smiling in officeWhy should you hire a janitorial service? What does a janitorial service do that you cannot do yourself "within house?" The answer is- a LOT.

Less absenteeism

You  might not think that a janitorial service has much to do with your absentee rate. But think about this. If you do not hire a service, you are forced to get people from your office environment to do the “dirty work.” Let’s face it. That doesn’t do much for morale. We know that workers who feel appreciated do better and it’s not too honorable to be asked to clean the toilet after someone’s co-workers have been in the bathroom. In fact, there is an automatically inherent type of “ick factor” to it all. Let’s face it, janitorial work is demeaning to regular staff. Sure, if there is a mess somewhere everyone should have to pitch in from time to time, but to get down on their hands and knees, scrub the bathroom floors, mop, sweep, and wipe windows just doesn’t spell morale.

Less Toxic Chemicals Stored on Site

No one can deny the potential hazards and legal risks in keeping toxic chemicals stored in the workplace. This increases the possibility of someone accidentally overturning some hazardous chemicals, spilling it on themselves, or inhaling it. You don’t want to take these risks with your employees. Do some of your employees have children? What is they were to be visiting and got into these materials? You could have a lawsuit on your hands. A janitorial service usually comes with their own chemicals and cleaning agents. So when you hire a janitorial service, this takes the risk away from you.

Save Money by Outsourcing

Business owners know that outsourcing is a great way to get what you  need done without paying employees to do it. Employees have to be paid no matter what. No so with outsourced professionals. When you hire a janitorial service, you eliminate the need for your own staff to do it, and since many custodial type jobs need to be done “after hours,” you don’t have to pay for overtime either.

Safety Concerns

In addition to the other reasons, regular employees may  not be properly trained in handling the agents and chemicals needed to do this type of work, increasing the risk for injury or hazards to others in the workplace.

Should You Hire A Janitorial Service?

The answer is simple when it comes to the debate on whether to hire a janitorial service: it’s the best thing to do. It may seem that you are passing the buck on to someone else, but is there any rule written anywhere that this is always bad? Your business is not about custodial maintenance. So get on with your normal tasks in your business and leave the custodial work to someone who specializes in this.

So if you are tired of doing it yourself or putting your staff at risk, contact us at Summit Janitorial.

We specialize in custodial work and we don’t mind getting our hands dirty, so you won’t have to!

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