Have A Better Holiday Season With Professional Office Cleaning

Nov 27, 2017

It’s the holiday season, and your office is trimmed with … tissues? If you haven’t had your workspace professionally cleaned lately, it might be. Keeping your office building clean and sanitized this winter isn’t just good business – it also keeps your employees healthy, which makes a lot of difference when it comes to productivity and profit.

Professional office cleaning for the holidaysWhen the temperature drops, the cold and flu season starts, making it difficult to stay healthy at work. Places that have lots of shared touchable surfaces, such as phones, keyboards, the point of sales machines, even lots of doors – are like magnets for cold and flu germs. In addition, high shelving vents, ceiling fans, and those other hard to reach without a ladder places, can hold dust and allergens, triggering many to have allergic symptoms and suffering. When you contract a professional janitorial service, you’ll solve a lot of those cleanliness problems.

What can you expect from a cleaner workplace? Better productivity from your staff, for one thing. People that feel better naturally have greater empathy for customer concerns, and more patience for those stressful interactions. If you’re feeling under the weather, it’s difficult to perform at your best when working. Any business owner can attest to the hardship created by a wave of cold or flu infection going through the office. When everyone is sick, completing projects on a deadline becomes very challenging, as different valuable members of a team may be out sick at the same time – or worse, one right after the other. Communication between team members drops and your clients suffer.

For employers that pay for sick time, having many employees sick affects the bottom line in that manner, as well. Although paid sick leave is a benefit, it does affect how many people are working, either actively selling or assisting your existing customers. Keep your staff healthier this winter with a professionally cleaned office.

When you contract for professional office cleaning, you aren’t just having someone come to your shop to sweep and mop. Professional cleaners use the correct chemical for each surface, to keep it shiny and sanitary. In addition, selecting Summit Janitorial Services means you choose to hire teams who stay abreast of the latest cleaning procedures and techniques. If a better way to clean a business comes out, we know it. All the cleaners used in your workspace are eco-friendly – we clean green!

Our cleaning teams at Summit Janitorial Services, know where dirt and germs like to hide – we find them, and we clean them. You won’t have to worry about storing chemicals, mops, or large ladders to reach the high vents and shelving in your office – we bring the equipment and cleaners we need with us. Sometimes, in-house cleaning by your own employees misses a lot of easy things to overlook. We don’t. In addition to the office spaces themselves, we also clean, sanitize, and stock your restrooms, keeping germs at bay. Summit Janitorial – we don’t cut corners, we clean them.

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