How to Combat Cold and Flu Germs in the Office

Sep 18, 2015

Swine flu at schoolThe office is among populated areas where communicable infections are common. Cold and flu germs in the office are everywhere and they dangerous to health; we walk through them in our daily office routines. The air we breathe is full of germs, and we cannot eliminate them, so to speak. Apart from the enclosed working environment, the period of exposure can be a risk factor too. Besides, the climatic conditions determine the prevalence of the infections. For instance, the approaching fall will lead to a cold season and a subsequent increase of flu in Greenville SC area, which is a risk factor for the cold flu. The following for measures can be taken to curb the spread of the cold and flu in Greenville SC area.

To begin with, it is the responsibility of business owners or managers to identify the hot points for germs. For instance, an office has many types of equipment that have multiple usages such as door handles, washrooms and printers and photocopiers buttons. These objects, apart from handshakes, can spread germs from a one person to another in a case where an infected person is also in regular contact. To control this, ensure that regular cleaning focusing on these areas is effective. Also, there is should be a cleanliness policy that advocates for maintenance of cleanliness in the office on a regular basis. It should call for the provision of cleaning materials that enables employees and clients to clean themselves when entering an office or when handling the office equipment.

The identification of the hot points of the sources of germs can only be effective when you employ occasional professional cleaners who have a deeper understanding in the sector. They can perfectly identify the areas that need, more considering in cleaning and offer cleaning services to the company. Additionally, they have knowledge of the best cleaning products that can handle the job. Outsourcing of the cleaning professionals is also a health practice because it employees are not involved in the cleaning process hence they are not directly predisposed to the hot points of cold and flu germs in the office. It is also essential to involve professionals since it gives a good image to the company.

Although washing of hands might seem obvious, it is equally essential that office workers maintain a higher level of cleanliness by washing their handling a potential object or after working from a dirty environment. For infected patients, they should wash hands and cover their mouth before blowing their noses. In case, It is also good to encourage employees to be free with each other and communicate, they are not feeling well. The practice gives a warning to other employees to take necessary precautions within an office environment. That also aids to combat cold and flu germs in the office

To conclude, there should be a good mechanism put forward by managers to combat cold and flu germs in the office. The mechanism should cater for small and big sources of infections within and office since the virus spreads too fast especially during this coming cold season in Greenville SC area. The spread of virus reaches a point when the situations become unbearable, and the infected patients require taking a sick leave to ‘cool down’. That is also an essential approach to ensure that further employees do not contract the infections so that the output is not affected. It calls for the employee to take an initiative and excuse him or herself for the benefit of the company as well as their families.


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