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Jun 1, 2011

The Best Service is the Most Efficient

Professional janitorial service follows tried and true patterns. The tasks involved in cleaning a commercial building have been studied down to the smallest details by industrial engineers, and for those in the know, there is a “best” way to clean a building (producing a quality clean with the least amount of effort.)

At Summit Janitorial, these scientifically proven systems allow us to offer a great price for our janitorial services. Greenville property managers and maintenance supervisors know from experience that “it’s all in the system”, and appreciate our knowledge and our attention to doing things in the most effective way.

Working Smart  – with the Best Equipment

You wouldn’t want the cleaning crew in your building to be so creative that they did things differently every night – a little here, a little there, until they look around and judge that they’ve done enough. No, the best procedure for a cleaning crew is to come in at the same time each night, do their tasks with consistent efficiency, get done and go home – relaxed and knowing they are leaving the building spotless.  We train our crews to work smart, putting forth the least amount of physical effort required to get the job done, using the best techniques and equipment. We believe you’ll appreciate the difference in quality this produces.

Flexible Schedules Fit Every Need

If you are a small business owner, you don’t need a big crew coming in to clean your office each night. And if you run a multi-story hospital, it’d be just as ridiculous to have a two-person team attempting to perform your nightly cleaning and maintenance.  That’s what makes this business interesting; although all buildings need cleaning, each building, along with staff, is different.  We enjoy focusing on the unique wants and needs of each company for which we provide janitorial service. Greenville has a multitude of different commercial enterprises, and each one deserves an appropriate set of cleaning specifications determined by their individual requirements.

Contact Summit Janitorial today – your local Greenville cleaning company that offers the best.

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