Keep Your Greenville Business Clean For A Good Holiday Season

Oct 30, 2017

The Holiday season is here and hopefully your business isn’t on Santa’s naughty list. That jolly old elf checks his list with white gloves – will the cleanliness of your Greenville business pass inspection? If you aren’t sure, then make a call to Summit Janitorial Services.

Did you know that customers stay longer and purchase more in a store that is clean and today, versus a dirty or disorganized one? First impressions are lasting impressions, and as a savvy business owner you know you want to make a great first impression on your customers. Just how much more profit does a clean shop generate? Well, 95% of shoppers say that a dirty store has a large effect on their buying decisions. That’s a number a good business owner just can’t afford to ignore.

Greenville BusinessIt isn’t just customers that desire to work in a dirt-free zone. Employee morale is directly affected by the physical condition of their work place. Happy employees tend to work harder, complete deadlines faster, and have greater job satisfaction. In a customer service environment, content employees deliver better service and more positive customer interactions. That leads to repeat customers and lower employee turnover. Who knew keeping it clean could do so much?

The most successful retail chains have long recognized the importance of a clean store. An unclean shop makes people that visit feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Take a look around you: the most successful Greenville business es are places that invite you to linger and browse. In addition, a dirty store makes shoppers question the quality of the merchandise or the skills of the service providers. You know your goods are top-notch, so make sure that your customers are able to see it, too.

You see the reasons keeping your store clean is a good thing, and how you can be more profitable. You probably knew all this anyway. So, time to put those employees to work scrubbing and mopping, right? Wrong. If you really want your store to sparkle, hire a professional. Just like you would hire an experienced mechanic to work on your car, you also want to trust the cleanliness and sanitation of your livelihood to the professionals at Summit Janitorial Services. Studies show that when employees are asked to perform deep cleaning that isn’t in their job description, employee morale suffers and turnover increases.

What can you expect from the expert cleaners at Summit Janitorial Services? First, experience. With years of working in office and retail spaces, we know where the dirt hides. Especially during cold and flu season, it is very important to keep touchable services as sanitary as possible. With more shopping traffic than usual during the holidays, your store will need extra attention. We keep your restrooms clean and stocked, which is a big plus for customers, especially the shoppers with children in tow. All the sleet, ice, and snow from winter storms can make your floors filthy in a hurry. We use professional grade chemicals and tools to keep your floors clean and dry. Finally, we know how to work quickly, without disturbing your merchandise and displays. Our staff is bonded and insured.

Make sure your Greenville business is on Santa’s Nice List this holiday season. Call Summit Janitorial Services for a quote today.

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