Medical Cleaning with UV Light

Sep 26, 2013


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Keeping hospitals germ free can be a very difficult task. Patients and employees go in and out of high-touch areas multiple times on a daily basis. Standard disinfectants work for most germs, and yet hospital acquired infections are still tough to prevent.

One particularly troublesome hospital acquired infection to prevent the spread of is Clostridium difficile, also known as C. Diff. C. difficile, as its name might suggest, is rather difficult to deal with for a couple of reasons:

  • It creates spores which cover large surface areas.
  • It can easily be spread.
  • It cannot be killed with standard disinfectants. Only heavy concentrations of bleach or UV light can do the job.


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The Awesome Power of UV Light

UV light is quickly becoming a preferred technique for chlorine alternative pool sanitation, among some of the best swimming programs around. But UV light isn’t only great for cleaning pools. It is also great for cleaning hospitals. In either case, UV light is the most effective technique possible.

Ultraviolet light is one of the only effective techniques known to consistently kill C. diff, as well as virtually any other bacteria around.

Cooley Dickinson’s Experience with UV Light Cleaning

Cooley Dickinson Hospital, in Northampton, MA has recently implemented a very effective infection prevention program. They have done so by using UV light to thoroughly keep their hospital clean on a daily basis.

Any time you stroll by the hospital at night, you may just see what looks like a strobe light in one of the rooms. Relax – this is a great thing that is happening!


Image Credit: CooleyDickinson at YouTube

  • Since using their Xenex pulse UV disinfectant system, the hospital’s infection rates have been tremendously low.
  • Cooley Dickinson’s C. diff infection rates have gone down 82 percent.

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