Medical Janitorial Services

Aug 1, 2011

At Summit, our main focus is medical janitorial services, along with commercial cleaning and carpet/floor maintenance.

We’ve been in business since 1994, and we know how to properly clean medical facilities.  We match the method of cleaning to the specific environment. All our employees go through a background check and receive thorough training. We have state of the art equipment and we used the latest cleaning technology.

Proper Medical Cleaning Goes Beyond Appearances

At Summit Janitorial, our medical janitorial services don’t just provide a pleasing appearance – we clean for health and safety of the people in the facility.

  • We clean the touchable surfaces so that they are clean and safe for your staff and patients.
  • We don’t cut corners in the restrooms – we even clean the bases and behind the toilet – which most crews don’t think about.
  • We make sure all the bright-work – the chrome and stainless steel surfaces – are shining and the floors are clean.

Knowledge-based Cleaning Processes

The demand for medical janitorial services that provide a reliably clean and safe facility is growing fast. As a society, we’re beginning to understand that micro-orgianisms – the “world of the small’”  – is where the action is in terms of providing a healthy environment.  We want to encourage the beneficial microorganisms and minimize the ones that threaten our health. At Summit Janitorial we’re prepared to do just that.  Our job is to provide thorough, effective and customized medical janitorial services. We do this through understanding the principles behind effective and proven medical cleaning processes. We teach our staff these same principles along with the details of how to apply them.

Call the experts at Summit at 864-277-3538, or email us via our quick and easy contact form.

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