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Jul 1, 2011

Image Source: CDCStreamingHealth on YouTube

In the video above, CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden reports that about a million people get infections while receiving health care each year. Frieden says that these Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) cost billions of dollars. But the good news is that many are preventable – with good communication and proper protocols.

According to the CDC’s Infection Prevention Checklist for Outpatient Settings, healthcare personnel – including cleaning crews – should:

  • Receive job-specific training on infection prevention policies and procedures upon hire and at least annually or according to state or federal requirements
  • Be evaluated annually on their job-specific infection prevention practices.
  • Receive training on the OSHA blood borne pathogen standard upon hire and at least annually.

Our Training is Tops

Image Source: Summit Janitorial

At Summit Janitorial, we focus on hygienic cleaning that reduces the spread of infectious disease. We use advanced, scientifically validated procedures and cleaning chemicals that are appropriate for medical janitorial services.

We know what we’re doing in terms of medical janitorial services – we regularly teach at certification courses. We have a great training program for our own staff, too.

Contact us for a free quote on your medical facility. With us on your team, you’ll have the automatic benefits of:

  • Complying with all regulatory safety requirements
  • Improving patient and staff satisfaction
  • Ensuring the safety and health of patients and staff
  • Controlling costs without sacrificing quality

A Medical Janitorial Services Testimonial:

“We have been using Summit Janitorial Services at our two locations in Greenville SC for many years. Summit has proven to be a very dependable and honest company. We have over 170 employees in one of our locations and Summit has always worked very close with myself to meet our ever changing needs and requirements. The owners of Summit are very easy to work with and always very concerned of our needs.

A lot of other companies promise a lot, but Summit delivers what they promise”

M. Benson / Medical Manager

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P.O. Box 26235 • Greenville, SC 29616
Phone: 864-277-3538

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