Medical Office Cleaning in Greenville Keeps The City Healthy

Feb 28, 2018

With a record breaking flu-season in 2018, providing a healthy and clean workplace has never been more important. What many Greenville business owners do not realize, however, is that many times simple scrubbing and washing is insufficient to stop the spread of dangerous infectious agents. By hiring a specialized medical office cleaning service, you can be certain that your business is free of hazardous pathogens.

Medical Office Cleaning in GreenvilleViruses, such as influenza, thrive in the densely populated, warm office environment. Once a single disease has entered the building, either through sick employees or outside air, it begins to quickly spread to every possible location as more people become infected. While obvious high-traffic areas such as door knobs are susceptible, nearly every location is vulnerable, including private offices. Because of the high stress conditions of the workplace, many people’s immune system simply cannot keep up, and eventually lose the battle to illness. Once a single employee has become infected, the resulting outbreak can be devastating. Diseases spread in an exponential manner, and can infect an entire workplace within days. In fact, the CDC reports that a primary cause of the 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic was unpreparedness by offices that caused rapid dispersion of the virus while people were at work.

The consequences of suddenly facing a disease can overwhelm many businesses. Symptoms for many common sicknesses can last for weeks and completely demoralize those affected. As a result, work efficiency is severely decreased, leading to thousands of lost dollars for small businesses. In fact, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reports that on average, the annual national loss in productivity as a result of the flu is $7 billion with 17 million lost workdays. In many cases, the constant presence of infectious diseases in offices can make the difference between making and losing money.

Many businesses feel content with simple tried-and-true sanitation methods, however, the effects of these techniques are often minimal. For example, one of the most popular do-it-yourself options for maintaining cleanliness is the use of disinfecting wipes such as those made by Clorox. These products often advertise how they kill upwards of 99% of germs, but in reality this only applies to a handful of diseases, and are often ineffective against the most common problems companies face. Many times the results of using these kinds of items with the belief that they will solve health related problems can actually have adverse effects as the outcome is often a false sense of security that prevents real action from being done.

With this taken into account, the only true way prevent the rapid spread of bacteria and viruses at your business is through hiring experienced cleaners specialized in the elimination of illnesses. Professional medical office cleaners utilize powerful industrial-grade disinfectants not available on the consumer market to kill nearly every possible infectious agent on every square inch of touchable surfaces. A top-down clean is exactly the kind of sanitation your business needs to remain healthy this flu-season. By making sure the workplace is a safe and disinfected environment, we can keep the citizens of Greenville working efficiently.

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