Microfiber Mops for Hospital Cleaning

Sep 26, 2013


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Microfiber cleaning is great for all kinds of surfaces. Microfiber towels work great for cleaning surfaces like countertops and cabinets, while microfiber mops are great for large floor area surfaces.

What is a Microfiber Mop?

There are some common characteristics that make microfiber mops excellent choices for hospital cleaning. Typically, they will consist of the following:

  • Lightweight Handle
  • Easily Movable Rectangular Head
  • Detachable Microfiber Pad (Usually Velcro)

How Microfiber Mops are Used

With a typical microfiber mop system, the microfiber pads are placed to soak in a container with cleaning solution in it.


Image Credit: greenmicrofiber at YouTube

Then the pad is taken from the cleaning compartment, wrung out, placed on the floor, and then the mop head connects to it using Velcro fasteners.

At this point, the mop is ready to be used to clean the hospital flooring. Usually, depending on the size of the room, around one or two pads will be used to effectively clean the floor.

Once the mopping is completed for the desired rooms, the dirty pad can be easily removed by simply putting your foot down on the edge of the mop and separating the pad from the handle. The dirty pad should then be placed in the laundry area, not back in to the cleaning solution, to avoid contamination and keep to keep the cleaning solution fresh.

Microfiber Mops for Hospital Cleaning

Microfiber mops are often the favorite for hospital cleaning, for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the system is efficient and low maintenance, so employees are all for it. Also, from the perspective of the patient, microfiber mops are faster, quieter, and seen as less of a big deal.

They are also far safer, because the microfiber system uses less liquid to disinfect than standard mops. This means a much lighter mop for the person using it, significantly reducing the cases of strained shoulders and back pain. Further, it also means the mop leaves a much lighter film of water on the floor, so both patients and employees have less of a chance to slip and get injured.

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