Museum of Clean – History of Cleanliness

Jun 3, 2013

Museum of Clean – History of Cleanliness

Image Credit: IdahoPowerCompany at YouTube

The job of cleaning has changed over the years, along with the tools. Effective cleaning solutions, electric-powered vacuum cleaners, make cleaning easier nowadays. But before the industrial revolution, much of cleaning was an arduous task using primitive tools.

Don Aslett is pictured in the billboard shown above. He’s a well-loved expert in the janitorial services industry. He’s written lots of books on cleaning, and has a friendly, down-to-earth way of explaining. After traveling the world and seeing museums of every kind, he decided it was time for a Museum of Clean in his home state of Idaho.

“Our missions is to teach the value of clean,” Aslett said in the Idaho Power YouTube video above.

Cleaning Artifacts of Days Gone By

Image Credit: Aslettco at YouTube – Museum Staffer Demonstrates Antique Brooms

The museum is a wonder – featuring hundreds of interactive exhibits for adults and children, as well as examples of antique cleaning machines – some dating back 2,000 years! You can see examples of pre-electricity vacuum cleaners, vintage brooms and much more.

The Museum of Clean is built to be fun for kids. Upon entering, children can stand on top of a 10 horsepower vacuum cleaner that sucks the dirt off them. There’s also a junkman sculpture and a dinosaur made out of old vacuum cleaner parts.

Clean and Green

Image Credit: IdahoPowerCompany at YouTube

Aslett worked with Idaho Power to retrofit an existing facility into a paragon of green energy. As you can see in the picture above, the building is 90 percent lit by natural lighting. It has a rooftop garden for insulation, and recycles more than 104,000 gallons water from faucets, water fountains and more.

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