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Sep 1, 2011

Greenville is a city that has attracted a diverse set of businesses. If your company one of the many thriving enterprises that make up our beautiful city, you know that it takes capability, consistency, and communication to make it in today’s economic climate.


Want to make sure your facility is cleaned properly?  Go with a firm that has proven capabilities. At Summit Janitorial, we regularly train crews to clean to the most exacting standards: hospitals and surgical centers. Our capabilities extend beyond “cleaning for a pleasant appearance” to “combating the pathogens”.


To be the best in office cleaning in Greenville SC you must have consistency… It’s not enough to do a good job occasionally and then slack off.  Todd Coleman, our owner, decided long ago to provide a service that proves itself through reliability.  We clean the way you want it to be done, we train our crews well, and we inspect regularly to ensure quality. We show up on time, do our job, and leave your building sparkling clean.


To avoid the frustration of “lack of communication”,– we make it a point to stay in touch. And we offer 24/7 emergency service for those times when the unexpected happens.  We purposefully set up our working relationship with you in such a way that the burden of building maintenance is lifted off your shoulders, so you and your staff can concentrate on running your business. We make it easy for you.

Our Crews are Top Notch

At Summit Janitorial, our highly skilled janitors and technicians are the key to our success. To attract and retain the best, we make sure our benefits and wages are more than competitive.

After we hire a new worker, we don’t just let them loose in your building with vague instructions; we teach them the particular ins and outs of your facility and train them to clean to the agreed-upon specifications.  With our training program and our supervision program, we don’t just “hope” our crews are doing a good job – we know they are.  Check out our testimonials page to confirm that our crews know what they are doing.

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