Office Spring Cleaning: What To Pay Extra Attention To

May 30, 2018

The winter has been long and the spring is finally here. The sunrays pass through the windows of your office explicitly revealing the layer of dust on your desktop and the pile of rubbish that had accumulated. Now you are seated there thinking about the stressful office spring-cleaning you have to undertake. If you are Greenville SC, worry no more because Summit Janitorial will help you sort out the mess.

When undertaking spring cleaning your workplace is a good place to start. To do this you need all hands on deck. However, the process can be time-consuming and sometimes you feel you need someone to do it while you focus on things that are more important. At Summit Janitorial, your satisfaction is our priority. Some of the areas you should pay attention during office spring-cleaning include

Greenville Office Spring CleaningLight Up your Office

The winter is always dull and probably you might have forgotten about the natural light. Give your windows that clean touch to let in natural light. The process will help you save one or two bucks on the energy budget. Moreover, natural light especially UV light helps in killing bacteria—a fact I thought you should know. During spring office cleaning, make sure your windows are stainless.

An Organized Desk represents an Organized Mind.

People can tell much about you by just looking at your desk. This spring let your desk standout by making it a priority. It is time to say goodbye to all unnecessary and old paperwork. Did you know that your computer’s keyboard and mouse harbors many germs than the toilet seat? To avoid getting a date with your doctor, use the antibacterial wipes to clean them. Additionally, make sure that the shared surfaces such as printers are cleaned using the antibacterial wipes.

Give your Reception Area a New Look

People are always judging a book by its cover. You need to give them a good impression when they visit your place of work. To do this, let a clean reception area make them feel at home away from home. Always make sure the reception desk and sitting area are super clean. Probably you do not want cobwebs scaring away clients. Remove all cobwebs and even have the premises repainted.

Clean the Kitchen

The communal kitchen in your offices is a crucial area. Notably, any place that handles food should always be clean. You probably do not want to keep giving your employees a day off because they are sick. You should get rid of all the insects that might contaminate food. Furthermore, you should always inspect the kitchen for hidden dirt and make sure the cleaning crew cover every inch of the premises. The microwave and the fridge should always be cleaned using the anti-bacterial wipes.

Toilet and Bathroom Cleaning

This is a very important area to your office. The cleanliness of this establishment is of the paramount essence. During office spring cleaning, makes sure the washrooms are thoroughly cleaned using the necessary disinfectants.

Digital Clutter

Probably by now, your workplace is clean. Now it has come a time to sort the mess on your computer. Create and sort items by folders and clear all the junk that you do not require.

About Us

Summit Janitorial is an experienced janitorial company that you can outsource for office spring-cleaning. If you live in Greenville SC, we provide clean up services to help you pay attention to the more important things in your office. Therefore, if you are in Greenville SC and need cleaning services, call us because “WE DON’T CUT CORNERS, WE CLEAN THEM.”

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