More Than Just “Clean”

It takes a lot to stay up and running in the middle of a pandemic, and we know that ensuring that all of your employees and customers stay safe and well is a primary concern. That’s why, at Summit Janitorial, we take extra caution in making sure that your business stays in business—even through COVID-19. 

Our crew has the same goal. That’s why you can be sure that we take every precaution—in your space and every other that we clean—to make sure your spaces stay clean and germ-free, day after day.  We adhere to CDC guidelines for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), use hospital grade disinfectants, and spend a little extra time on those high-touch areas like elevator buttons, phones, faucets and light switches. 

Added Care

Should you require it, or should someone in your office prove COVID-19 positive, we also offer a pump-spray application of a hospital grade, EPA approved disinfectant that with a light mist provides complete coverage of any area, and kills germs and viruses within a matter of minutes. 

Call us for a quote or for more information on this process for added protection within your workplace. 

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