5 Places You Didn’t Know Are Dirtier Then A Toilet

May 26, 2018

Each day many of us head into our offices without knowing how many germs we are exposed to. Unknowingly, our workplaces are among the dirtiest places we live in yet we spend eight hours a day in them. We know that the toilet and the bathroom door handle are an absolute micro community. Below are some of the places in a workplace that are even dirtier then a toilet.

Is your office Dirtier Then A ToiletCoffee pots

That morning cup that you depend on at the workplace could harbors plenty of bacteria. Researchers carried out revealed that in five different workplaces, the coffee pot handles came back with 34 times more germs on it than on any school toilet seat. Surprisingly, the highest percentage of the dirt were the gram-negative rods, a type of bacteria which at times, can resist antibiotics.


It is obvious that our telephones contain many germs. This is brought about by the following factors. When we talk, spit from our mouths is transferred to the mouthpiece since there are different ways through which people talk. Secondly, our hands may not be that clean either, yet many people use the telephone office. Additionally, no one cleans a phone hence our phones contain excess germs and bacteria. For safety, try to wipe down the handle or ask for professional help from the Summit Janitorial occasionally to avoid the contraction of bacteria.

Elevator buttons

In the modern age full of technological advancements daily, many people opt to use elevators instead of climbing the stairs. However, no matter how much elevators seem fast, they expose you to germs and bacteria. For instance, have you ever thought about how many fingers touch an elevator button by the end of the day? And what about that lit up or down button that collects all the nasty germs that people carry with them? Possibly they just sneezed or coughed and were polite enough to cover their mouths. However, that same hand is heading towards the button, carrying along any germs with it. With this in mind, when you get to wherever you are going, try to wash your hands.


Very many people use keyboards for their daily operations. But once again, if at all we are touching doorknobs, coffee pot handles and other desktop surfaces that may be holding bacteria, then it means we are now transferring them as we type out an official document or replying to an email. As if that is not enough, many employees eat at their desks, dropping crumbs and other bits of food on the keyboards. That food is a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria as they tend to attract them with the sugar they contain.

The Desk

A recent study has shown that on average, the desk carries most germs and bacteria compared to a toilet seat. Comparisons with other surveys carried out by sanitation agencies, it was revealed that some typical desk items could be around seven times more contaminated. Than the toilet seat which gets more attention of cleaneing. So, if you share a desk or the desk equipment you will have more chances of being infected by other people’s germs well simply because you cannot force a person to be hygienic. If you chew pens, then just think the amount of dirt you are pushing down your throat. By this, you will save yourself from frequent stomach upsets that you can avoid.

You should bring in some professional cleaners to make sure your office is clean and sanitary.

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