Is Poor Cleanliness Driving Away Customers?

May 10, 2019

Being a business owner or manager is not as easy as it sounds. You have to ensure that everything is running correctly. Supplies have been delivered on time; employees receive their salaries, and customers are satisfied with your services. Retaining customers is the epitome of all businesses. If you can have a customer come back tomorrow, your business is headed in the right direction. If they are satisfied, they can tag a friend along next time.

Is Poor Cleanliness Driving Away Customers?For a customer to come back, you must have a state of the art customer service. But impeccable customer service on its own is not enough. Cleanliness levels in your premises play a significant role in customer satisfaction. If your premises are dirty, even if you slash your prices by half, you’ll still drive away customers. However, if you can maintain high standards of cleanliness, your customers would long to come back.

Although all parts of your business need to be clean, some require more attention than others, for instance, the restrooms and the kitchen. Although they occupy less space, compared to other areas of the business, they are essential. A customer is not likely to come back if the restrooms are stained, have a terrible odor, or have dirty surfaces or if the kitchen is smelly with dirty walls and floors.

What Action Should You Take?

Every problem has a solution. And in this case, several steps would ensure your premises are clean at all times.

Put the conscious effort in cleanliness. Let the people in charge of cleaning understand the need for sanitation. Let them know that it would go a long way in improving your sales. You can encourage them to pay extra attention to regularly used facilities such as restrooms or the eating area.

Be on the lookout on comments and complaints from customers. If they are not satisfied, they are likely to leave a compliment. Whether on your social media platforms or the suggestion box, look for any complaints. The criticism will help you know any neglected areas in your business or your customer’s expectations.

Work with a cleaning company. Maybe hiring a cleaning company is all you need to take your business next level. A cleaning company has trained staffs who know what to do. The will, therefore, do an excellent job.

Hire Summit Janitorial services

At Summit Janitorial Services, we leave no stone unturned. We deliver the best services to all types of businesses. Besides, we customize our cleaning services to fit your facility. We clean everything from floors, glass, furniture, and carpets. We also handle trash. We also take care of soap and toilet paper supply. Our commitment will leave you satisfied. Besides an impressive appearance, we clean ensure the health and safety of both workers and customers.

Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Company

  1. You have assured excellent results hence customer satisfaction.
  2. You can focus on other things. Once you hire a cleaning company, your business’ cleanliness becomes their responsibility, not yours. You can, therefore, direct your energy on other areas.
  3. Cleaning companies use professional methods which go a long way in saving resources.
  4. Once you let them know you tell them your goal, they can understand what strategies to use. You can also review customers’ complaints together and understand what areas to improve on.

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