Proper Medical Cleaning Will Keep Patients Safe From Ebola

Oct 21, 2014

ebolaEbola Hemorrhagic Fever has come to the United States of America, and while not the epidemic it is in other parts of the world, it’s very much on the minds of our citizens and medical professionals. Since Ebola, Hepatitis C, HIV, and many other conditions are easily spread with exposure to medical waste, the importance of keeping your medical facility clean is paramount. With serious infections being on the forefront of our cultural consciousness, it’s important to know that medical centers are being thorough with cleanliness and sterilizing facilities to reduce the passing on of everything from Staph to HIV. Through proper medical cleaning, your medical facility will be safe for your employees and patients from Ebola or any other type of disease or infection.

Ebola is spread exclusively through bodily fluids including coming in physical contact with blood, urine, saliva, feces, and semen, putting anyone in the medical field and patients in medical facilities at risk for contracting Ebola. The current cases of Ebola in America have been carried and contracted by medical aid workers which has been very tense and scary for the American public. Sterilizing equipment and all touchable surfaces, (doorknobs, counter tops, operating equipment), and using TBcide products is incredibly important to keeping patients and their families safe from Ebola and other blood born pathogens and infections. It is only through meticulous and intense vigilance that the American public can avoid an Ebola outbreak like in West Africa, and it’s not just Ebola that medical centers need to be cognoscente of. HIV can also passed with blood borne pathogens and can be just as serious a condition to treat and medical professionals should be aware that the compromised immune systems of many of their patients will make them highly susceptible to diseases that can have deadly consequences. The process of maintaining the level of sterility required in a facility is an incredibly burden for medical staff and rather than become lax in proper medical cleaning, bringing in professional cleaners is absolutely the way to go.

Summit Janitorial’s medical services are used in cancer centers, stem cell research centers, health care facilities, and operating rooms and through meticulous training of employees can keep your patients and staff safe from Ebola. Our services focus on precaution, OSHA blood-born pathogens, and we tailor our services towards each client’s needs. Summit Janitorial uses fragrance and odor free cleaners so as to make the environment more comfortable for patients and they use TBcide products to sanitize equipment and facilities thoroughly. Summit Janitorial takes no chances and through rigorous training of their employees has cultivated a committed and experienced crew that understands the importance of their work and will go through all procedure to report incidents, clean your facilities thoroughly, and take your patient’s and employee’s health seriously. Employees are dedicated to making sure the job is done right and will go above and beyond the competition.

Summit Janitorial Services routinely facilitates AAAHC Accreditation and Medicare Certification. (AAHC Accreditation for Piedmont Surgery Center – June 2010 and Medicare Certification for Piedmont Surgery Center – March 2010)

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