Is Red Dust From Upstate Construction Getting All Over Your Office?

Jul 29, 2018

Upstate SC Is Booming

upstate constructionI’m sure you have seen it. Constructions cranes in the Greenville Skyline, Road Projects in Spartanburg, new buildings popping up everywhere. Many people are beginning to see what we have known for a long time: Upstate SC is a great place to be!

So many people are coming to Upstate SC that Greenville was named the 4th fastest growing US city. All these new people mean a booming economy and everything that comes with it like new buildings, new shops, and wider roads.

Upstate SC’s Red Clay Soils

Many people who are new to the Upstate are amazed by our red soil. Officially called Utisol, a word that is derived from “ultimate” because utisols “were seen as the ultimate product of continuous weathering of minerals in a humid, temperate climate without new soil formation via glaciation.” (via Wikipedia). This soil can produce a fine dust when being disturbed by construction-related activities and excavation. In the dry season, that dust can get picked up in the winds, and gets everywhere.

Keeping Your Business Clean

If you have a business in upstate SC, you might find that keeping your business free of this red dust is a never-ending battle. The dust gets into carpets, HAVC filters, desks, and shelves. If you let it go too long, the whole office begins to have a red tint.

How much of your staffs time is wasted every week trying to clean this up? How much work isn’t getting done because someone is wiping down shelves?

When your staff is expected to handle cleaning up, productivity declines, especially when there is a lot of dust being kicked up outside. The cleaning seems to be never-ending and can quickly get in the way of regular job duties.

Time To Call In The Pro’s

Lucky for you, Summit Janitorial is the Upstates top janitorial company and knows just how to keep your business clean and your staff healthy and productive.

When you expect your staff to clean, not only are they not doing the job you pay them for (reducing productivity), they are also handling cleaning chemicals that can make you sick if you are not trained in how to properly handle them. In addition, the cleaning process can kick up dust, and germs into the air that your staff may breathe causing hay fever or other illnesses that will further reduce productivity.

Outsourcing your janitorial duties is a much better approach to having a clean workspace for all to enjoy. At Summit Janitorial, our staff is not only trained to properly and safely clean your facility, they are also background checked to give you an extra sense of security. As a local company that doesn’t have to pay an out of state parent office, or franchise fees, we are also able to keep prices down and pay our staff better. A better-paid staff does a better job, and it shows in their work.

Give us a call today, and we can talk about how Summit Janitorial can keep your business looking good and running smoothly.

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