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Jul 25, 2013

Cleaning Decreases Asthma Triggers

Image Credit: AsthmaSocietyIRL

Children all over the country suffer from asthma and while medications can help with symptoms, the best defense is to eliminate the triggers that cause the attacks. According to, asthma accounts for 13-14 million missed schools days each year.

The picture above from a Video by the Asthma Society shows the lungs, where asthma originates. Everyday triggers such as allergens, odors, or fragrances cause many attacks.

But a thorough cleaning regime can increase the quality of the indoor air and lessen asthma attacks. The picture below from shows how airways in the lungs can become blocked when asthma sufferers are exposed to “triggers”.

Image Credit: AsthmaSocietyIRL

Increasing Air Quality

Below are some activities that increase indoor air quality in schools and reduce asthma attacks.


Mats are a good way to capture dust and other items before they can be tracked through the school. Shoes can track in outdoor pesticides, allergens and heavy metals. Mats should be both inside and outside the building.

High Quality Vacuum Cleaners

A vacuum with a functioning HEPA filter as well as some non-HEPA models can capture particulates from the carpet and flooring, keeping them from being let loose in the air. Don’t forget proper vacuum maintenance including filter changes.

Careful Dusting

A microfiber duster or even a wet washcloth can capture most particles on surfaces such as countertops and desks. They work well because they tend to capture the dust rather than simply stirring it in the air.

Summit Janitorial has a long history of providing top notch cleaning services for schools and businesses. Our professionals understand the need for proper cleaning and good air quality. They will strive to make sure your students are taken care of and can breathe a sigh of relief.

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