Does Your Restaurant Need Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Nov 10, 2019

It’s no secret that Greenville, South Carolina is the city for food lovers. Not only does Greenville love its BBQ, but there are so many options to choose from, not to mention the food festivals. With all those people coming and going to restaurants, that means a lot of foot traffic on a lot of restaurant carpets. With foot traffic comes the need for professional carpet cleaning.

Think About Your Home

Does Your Restaurant Need Professional Carpet CleaningWhen it comes to professional carpet cleaning, most businesses don’t think about it all that often, but here are some reasons why your home can remind you of why it is important to invest in professional carpet cleaning.


Carpets require regular vacuuming. Probably more often than the average person actually vacuums their carpets. Good Housekeeping suggests vacuuming floors once a week, how often do you have to empty the container out, or change out vacuum bags while vacuuming? Now think about the foot traffic a restaurant receives in a week. Especially a popular one.


Pets bring joy, love, companionship, and entertainment to our lives. Some cats and dogs shed a little bit of fur daily and then even more so a couple of times per year. Cockatoos and other birds give off white dust and dander that helps keep their feathers healthy. With carpets, the fur and the dust aren’t immediately noticeable and when your carpets actually look hairy and dusty? Then that is a sign it is past time to vacuum. If your restaurant carpets look like they need vacuuming, then it is past time for a professional carpet cleaning

Reasons To Keep Carpets Clean

There are multiple reasons to keep your restaurant carpets clean. These reasons include:


Carpets attract bacteria, dust, hair, and dirt. While some darker carpets hide the dust, hair, and dirt it is still there and not easily noticed until it builds up to a certain point before it becomes noticeable. Sometimes it starts to produce an odor. which could turn away customers and bring in a health code violation against the restaurant.


As mentioned above, carpets can hide a lot of dirt, food particles, and hair. Customers don’t want to eat in a place with dirty carpets, and they do look at the carpets before they sit down and while they eat. If the carpets are clean, then the customers will have a better dining experience.


Employees love working in a place that is kept clean and is kept in good repair. A clean restaurant with clean carpets helps to improve employee morale, which helps productivity. After all, employees spend 40 or more hours per week in these surroundings while customers are only there for about an hour per visit.

Professional carpet cleaning saves the restaurant time and money. Not only would a restaurant have to pay an employee for the extra time, but the price for over-the-counter cleaning products adds up and becomes more expensive in the long run. Plus, a professional carpet cleaning means that each cleaning is of better quality.

When it comes to keeping the carpets of your restaurant clean, Summit Janitorial is there for you. Proudly serving Greenville, South Carolina, we provide commercial cleaning, restroom sanitation, and we serve anyone from retail facilities to banks and daycare centers. Even if your carpets aren’t visibly dirty, it’s time to call us.

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