Save Your Staff From The Flu And Sick Days With Proper Office Cleaning

Sep 30, 2018

CDC¬†classified the 2017/18 flu season as “a high severity across all age groups.” This stemmed from the fact that the flu season recorded extremely high outpatient and emergency department visits for influenza-like infections (IFI).

We are in the height of the flu season 2018/19; time to defend your staff from the flu virus.

Why it Matters

The office may feel tidy after vacuuming the floors and dusting the shelves. But dangerous flu viruses can take up residence anywhere. Consider the air, ceilings, walls, computers, stationery, and other surfaces your employees touch every day.

Employees may cover their mouths while sneezing and wash their hands regularly. However, harmful viruses are tiny microscopic organisms that will escape through your fingers and land on the file or computer in front of you.

After contracting the flu, adults can infect others a day before they show any symptoms. This trend continues a week after they get sick and are on medication. It begins with one sneeze, then within no time, the number of sick off forms on your table is more than your business can handle.

The Cost of the Flu and Sick Days

Save Your Staff From The Flu And Sick Days With Proper Office CleaningEmployee health and wellbeing is crucial to the success of any organization. The most obvious effect is the loss of valuable time by avoidable sick leave. A few sick off days a year for each employee may seem negligible. But collectively they have a massive impact on the company bottom line and the entire US economy.

Sometimes, you may have to find a replacement. Other times, it means additional stress for the employee who must work overtime to cover the workload.

Still, some employees prefer to keep it to themselves. Because they understand, the business will suffer if they are absent. They would rather show up to work. Sneeze as they get the job done and keep clients happy. In such a case, work is compromised, and so are the customers and other employees.

Either way, productivity decreases, ‘sickness presence’ makes an already bad situation worse.

Call in a Cleaning Service

A proven way of eliminating the flu virus is through proper office cleaning.


Vacuuming is great. However, what matters most is how it’s done. You want to deal with a cleaning service that understands that vacuum cleaners also get dirty. And the method is most effective when in combination with other cleaning methods especially in high-traffic areas of the office.


Disinfection is an idea you have heard many times before, but it’s still one the easiest and effective flu controlling methods. When sterilizing, Summit Janitorial goes beyond the tabletops and shelves to focus on the most used objects around the office such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, printers, Phones, copiers, and chairs.


Most managers don’t think about it until it starts to coat every table, shelf, and equipment in the office. Dusting office equipment eliminates dust particles and germs that may wreck havoc on your employees’ respiratory system, especially if they are have dust allergies.


It may seem like a regular cleaning is all a typical office bathroom needs, however, it requires a thorough sanitization every so often. Going over and above regular cleaning is especially crucial during the flu season to get rid of dangerous viruses. Enlist a cleaning service that gives undivided attention to toilets, urinals, sinks, doors, taps, glass, and partitions. And can refill bathroom paper and soap supplies.

The flu season is inevitable. But saving your staff from the flu and sick days is in your control. Take measures to defend your most critical company asset from the inconveniences associated with the flu season by investing in proper office cleaning today.

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