Spartanburg Commercial Cleaning Companies

Oct 1, 2011

If you are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of your company’s facilities, you probably have already found out that there are lots of Spartanburg commercial cleaning companies to choose from.  All you have to do is pick up the Yellow Pages or click into Google to see a long listing. But which one to choose?

Choose your Commercial Cleaning Company Wisely

Make sure the company you hire is licensed, insured, and bonded.

At Summit Janitorial, we have our license, our insurance, and our bond, and can gladly provide you with copies.

Experience counts. When comparing Spartanburg commercial cleaning companies, find out how long each one has been in business. If all else is equal, it pays to go with the more experienced company, since it’s likely that the well-established company has learned what it takes to run a successful janitorial business.

Summit Janitorial has been in business since 1994.

Check With the Company’s Present Customers.

When you take the time to elicit valuable input from each company’s customers, it doesn’t take long to see which one stands above the rest in terms of service and performance. If a company doesn’t want to provide you with references that you can contact, ask yourself what they are hiding.

Summit Janitorial is glad to supply you with a complete customer list. You can also read comments from many of our happy clients on our testimonials page.

Choose a Company that Provides a Walk-Through

Although some Spartanburg commercial cleaning companies prefer to give you a price based on the square footage of your facility, it’s better to go with a company that takes the time to visit your building. It’s difficult to fully understand the specific needs of your facility without a thorough walk-through along with a detailed conversation with you. That way, the cleaning company is able to provide you with the exact service you want and need, and can also give you an accurate price.

At Summit, it’s our standard procedure to do a walk-through with you at your facilities before turning in a proposal for your buildings.

Contact us today for a free walk-through and quote. We believe we are the best of list of Spartanburg commercial cleaning companies.

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