Spring Cleaning Your Greenville Business

Feb 20, 2020

Spring is upon us. What do you have in plan when it comes to spring cleaning your Greenville business. As much as the process should involve intensive professional evaluation, clean floors and office spaces will play a major part in achieving your organizational goals.

The process will reduce sick day-offs and increase overall productivity in your Greenville business. that’s why outsourcing the process to capable professionals like Summit Janitorial will be a step in the right direction.

With that in mind, here are some tasks that should be on top of your spring cleaning bucket list for your Greenville business.

Literal Cleaning is a Must

As mentioned earlier, this will involve the actual mopping of the floors and other areas of your business. By hiring professional services, you will be able to achieve clean workspaces that will motivate you and your employees.

What about the kitchen? Did you know that there some places in the kitchen that are dirtier than the toilet seat—not the nicest fact to know? With professional cleaners, hidden areas such as behind and beneath the refrigerator will be sanitized and left in tip-top conditions.

The air ducts, which houses mold and mildew that pose major health concerns in your Greenville business, will be a center of attention. Professionals cleaners such as Summit Janitorial have the right supplies and knowledgeable personnel who will help you mitigate the latter problem.

With a professional cleaner, you rest assured that all areas will be left spotlessly clean.

Your Website and Social Media Campaigns Matters

Cleanliness is next to Godliness! Now that you have achieved a sparkling workspace it is time to pay attention to other areas. With the popularity of digital marketing, it is time to update your website and social media. Hiring professional digital marketers is always a great plus. They are current with all the trends in this marketing arena and they will help to direct more traffic to your Greenville business, which might translate to sales. Cleaning your website doesn’t necessarily mean conducting a complete overhaul. Having professionals perform some twerks on it like improving navigation features and redesigning some components will be a great start for your spring cleaning.

Re-examining your Staff Counts

Re-examining your staff doesn’t necessarily mean that you go around firing people. However, you must try to evaluate, which positions are well-filled and areas, which could be better executed.

Consider better staff redistribution and reshuffling the employees as it will be good on their morale since repetitive tasks can be monotonous and may lead to low productivity. Make sure that no good work goes unrewarded.

More importantly, consider outsourcing some jobs such as cleaning services. This will help you focus on other profit-generating activities while your janitorial needs are being handled by a professional.

With an in-house janitorial crew, you will have to increase your operational costs that come with supervision and insurance covers. The staff may lack the basic cleaning knowledge as it goes beyond dipping a mop in water and slathering the floor. More importantly, you may be at a risk of facing costly litigations associated with slip & fall, and dangers associated with handling hazardous chemicals and many more. That’s why some things are best left to the professionals.

At Summit Janitorial, we are more than ready to help with your cleaning needs in your Greenville business.

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