The Importance of Office Cleaning

Apr 14, 2015

Cleaner standing next to vanSales and marketing are a driving force in any type of business. Company owners will spend lots of time and money perfecting their selling techniques to gain customers. One of the most overlooked selling techniques is cleanliness of the business. Office cleaning should be made a priority. If a company does not utilize office cleaning as selling tool, the reputation of the business could be affected.

Cleanliness Promotes Professionalism

When a client or customer enters a business, first impressions make all the difference. A clean office will promote the concept of hard work; a reflection valued by potential clients. If an office appears unclean or cluttered, a client may view this situation as lazy and disorganized. Potential clients will not want to do business with an office that does not promote professionalism throughout the organization.


As potential clients sit in a waiting area, they become critical observers. A client will notice the smallest imperfections in a cleaning routine. A client who is left waiting will notice dirty windows, floors, surfaces and walls. Keeping the windows clean and clear are essential in a waiting area. Windows are one of the most noticeable aspects of the room. Dirty windows will set a tone of neglect; a concept not welcomed by a potential new client.

Floors need attention throughout the day not just during the office cleaning time frame. The floors need to be reviewed periodically for any potential hazards. A spilled drink creating a slippery area can be a costly mistake for a business. Floors need to be clear of any potential dangers. Maintaining floors especially during rainy and snowy days can help prevent costly slip and fall accidents.

Keep surfaces clean and tidy. Magazines and daily newspapers are a great way for clients to pass the time while waiting. The magazines need to be kept in an organized fashion as an extension to the office.


A clean office promotes productivity. When an office is cleaned, organization will be implemented to keep up with the overall neat and tidy state. Organization is a key component in keeping an office run smooth on a daily basis.


Germs can be spread with a handshake or touching a surface where a staff member who feeling poorly has come into contact. When staff member work closely together on a daily basis, sickness due to the common cold or flu will be easily passed from employee to employee. Office cleaning helps in sanitation. A clean office can reduce the amount of germs being transmitted on a daily basis. When employees are ill, productivity decreases and absenteeism increases causing loss profits. Office cleaning will aid in the overall effort of combating germs.

The protection against germs is not just about the employees. A potential client will not want to be served by a staff member who is ill. The client may become ill. If potential clients become ill on the first initial visit, they will not return. The reputation of the business will be damaged.

A clean office promotes an effective business state. Clients will be more likely to return to an office where cleaning habits are addressed on a daily basis. A dirty, untidy office sends a signal of disorganization and the inability to work within established deadlines harming the reputation of the business.

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