With Vaccination Rates Declining, School Cleaning Is Even More Pressing

Aug 20, 2018

The war between the vaccination crowd and the anti-vaccination movement is raging. The anti-immunization movement continues to grow, and the battle creates some difficult situations for many public facilities.

Interim Solutions

School CleaningDuring this difficult time, in an effort to help provide the safest solution for public school attendees, many facilities are implementing enhanced cleaning and sanitizing programs. By utilizing a professional, commercial cleaning service, the entire school environment is deep cleaned and disinfected, helping reduce the chances of any unwanted exposure.

There are several powerful benefits to having school cleaning performed properly and professionally.

  • Reduce exposure to diseases. For the intermix of vaccinated and non-vaccinated students and staff, proper cleaning reduces the risks of exposure by removing bacteria, viruses or other carriers of diseases.
  • Reduce exposure to other sicknesses. A sanitized environment will also reduce exposure to colds, flu, and other bugs that children and communities often share. Helping to eliminate the infecting carriers will reduce the number of sick days the children will see, and keep them in the classroom studying. It’s also easier for kids to focus on learning when they are not battling a runny nose, fever or cough, plus a clean environment helps free them to grow.
  • Feel safer and better protected. A clean, healthy environment makes the students feel comfortable, relaxed, and well-protected. It also inspires students to apply themselves to their studies and feel more willing to socialize.
  • Inspires the senses. An environment that is properly cleaned not only looks better, it also feels and smells better. Clean surroundings can make classrooms more appealing, and the fresh aroma can inspire the students to choose to participate, encouraging involvement in their classes.
  • Inspire the staff. The entire staff and administration will feel more inspired if work conditions encourage excellence. Cleanliness can trigger a leader to become more dedicated. They also feel like their personal contributions count more in a clean, inspiring facility.
  • Raise clean, healthy children. A bright, clean and sanitary environment can help set personal standards for the students, leading them to appreciate a healthier lifestyle. Inspired children become well-balanced adults, carrying with them those standards for better living. The decisions a facility makes today can change lives far into the future.

Take Cleaning to a New Level

Although most schools have a capable janitorial staff, they lack the skills and equipment to perform a careful, complete deep cleaning and sterilization on a regular basis. By calling on a professional cleaning service to assist, the school facilities can be better serviced to help protect the students against the ongoing risks that they face today. A professional service can work in addition to the present staff to take the campus cleaning to new levels, providing the protection everyone desires.

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