Who was in My Office? How Well Do You Know Your Janitor?

Feb 28, 2014

cleaning service in the office

There are many security issues that businesses are faced with today: IT security, burglary, robbery, theft, not to mention identity theft and the host of other security issues that are of growing concern in our changing world. But some fears spring from concerns over people we know in the “real world.” People worry about who they can trust, such as babysitters, doctors, teachers, and yes, even janitors.


You think you know your custodians. But who has more access to your files, desk, secret compartments, even money vaults, than the janitor. After all, they have to clean every area, not just the ones out in the open. So how do you know that they are not going to be tempted to steal if they think they will get away with it?

We are not saying that all janitors are thieves. Most are honest people just making a living. But like any other profession, there are good and bad apples in all of them. How do you know the integrity of your janitor by looking at him or her? Can you really tell that he or she is not looking into your private files in the wee hours of the morning when they are cleaning up and everyone else has gone home?


It may surprise you to know the reasons most people don’t give a thought to the custodial staff in terms of worrying about their integrity. Here are a few of the reasons they trust them:

  • They  make good conversation with them.
  • They like their favorite football team.
  • They laugh with you and tell jokes.
  • They seem friendly.
  • They have never heard anything bad about them.
  • Their son plays ball with the janitor’s son.

Are these really valid reasons to trust your janitorial staff? How do you know you have a trustworthy janitor? Perhaps your janitor is among the most moral people you know. But give it some thought, because it’s too important to take chances with your security in your office or business.


  • Our employees all submit to criminal background checks.
  • We do not “rotate” staff, so you get the same janitors in your office every time.
  • You have easy access to our company phone number if you ever suspect a problem.
  • Our janitors know our standards and the consequences of bad actions toward clients.
  • We take our pledge for integrity very seriously.
  • Our employees respect your private property.

Summit Janitorial Service in Greenville, SC is your Greenville janitorial service. We offer you the services you need and a trustworthy janitor guaranteed. We know the concerns of any industry nowadays regarding outsourcing work such as janitorial services. We stand behind our promise to you to provide you with the best service, and a service you can trust.

Your Greenville janitorial service is Summit Janitorial Service. We focus on high quality work and we build your trust in us by offering you reliable, trustworthy janitor services every time. Visit us online today and contact us for a free consultation. The world is a scary place. You may have to worry about internet security and burglary from unknown perpetrators, but when it comes to janitorial services, you can put your trust in us.


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