The 5 Biggest Reasons to Outsource Your Office Cleaning in Greenville

Nov 20, 2014

Young Maid Cleaning The FloorHiring a professional cleaning service like Summit Janitorial Services to do your Greenville office cleaning will provide you and your employees with a sparkling environment while saving you time and money that you can devote to more profitable activities.

Concentrate on Your Core Business

Unless you operate a cleaning company, janitorial services aren’t making you any money. Although cleaning is a needed service, it doesn’t contribute to the bottom line. By contracting with a professional cleaning company like¬†Summit Janitorial Sevices, you can devote your resources and personnel budget to people and equipment that will further your mission and actually bring in revenue. Why pay for a staff janitor when that money can pay for advertising, staff expansion or new office equipment?

Save Money on Equipment and Supplies

Let’s face it, cleaning equipment and supplies are expensive. Cleansers, disinfectants and detergents need constant replenishment. Even the best vacuum cleaners and floor buffers need regular maintenance. Buying and maintaining equipment and supplies can be a real hit to your budget, especially if you have a smaller office. Hiring a professional cleaning crew is like splitting those costs with other businesses. Summit Janitorial Services buys the best cleaning supplies and equipment and uses them for multiple clients, thus amortizing the cost over a wider base of users.

Professional Cleaners are Always Available

Putting a cleaning crew on staff will limit the availability of your cleaning service. Staff janitors need sick days and vacation days. But hiring a professional service guarantees that your cleaning will be done on schedule and thoroughly. Even if your regular crew is not available, Summit Janitorial Services employs many crews and can readily dispatch a substitute. When a company that provides its own cleaning service needs more frequent or deeper cleaning, it faces the choice of paying the staff overtime or hiring additional workers. By contracting with a professional service, you can increase or decrease your level of service with a phone call.

The Most Advanced Supplies and Equipment

How much time do you have to research the latest and greatest cleaning equipment and supplies? If your cleaning crew is part of your staff, they’ve probably been using the same old supplies and worn out equipment for years. But staying abreast of the state of the art in cleaning equipment and supplies is part of a professional cleaning company’s core competency. If they fall behind, they become less competitive. By outsourcing your Greenville office cleaning, you will leverage the expertise of companies like Summit Janitorial Services, making it your own. Professional cleaners must also maintain the highest standards for impeccable cleanliness or risk losing your business. That is a strong incentive to do the best job possible.

A Full-Service Cleaning Company Can Do It All

Anyone can dust and vacuum, but what do you do when you need specialized cleaning like water extraction, carpet steam cleaning, and hard-floor stripping and waxing? Professional cleaners are both trained and equipped to handle these specialized tasks. Floor buffers and carpet steamers are expensive equipment for an office to keep for occasional use, but cleaning services maintain a fleet of them. Professional cleaners also are trained in the universal precautions and incident reporting required to deal with biological spills.


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