Greenville, SC and Upstate Floor Cleaning/Maintenance Services

Clean floors are the face of a professional business. Summit Janitorial uses top-notch cleaning techniques to get your floors clean and keep them that way.

Types of services we offer related to floor cleaning:

  • Cleaning of hard surface floors
  • Waxing, stripping, buffing
  • Steam cleaning for carpets
  • Water extraction
  • Machine scrubbing of flooring

Have questions about floor cleaning? We’ve got answers.

We offer our floor maintenance on a daily, weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis for our contract customers. If you have questions about our service or our process, talk to one of our experts.

Floor maintenance near you.

Summit Janitorial provides floor maintenance for commercial facilities in and around the Upstate, SC area.

The benefits of floor maintenance go so much deeper than the surface level. A few key benefits are:

Long-Lasting Floors

  • If floors are cleaned incorrectly, it can shorten their lifespan
  • The cost of a professional cleaner is much less than an entire floor replacement

Clean Floors

  • Our professional cleaners never miss a spot during floor maintenance
  • A clean floor = a professional business

Protected Floors

  • Our team of professional cleaners will coat your hard floors with a high-quality coat or finish to ensure the cleanliness lasts

Contact Summit Janitorial for a quote to get your floors professionally cleaned - and watch your business improve.

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