Industrial Janitorial Services in Greenville, SC and Upstate

At Summit Janitorial, we know that industrial and warehouse spaces require a specialized approach to cleaning. Unlike other facilities, these environments face unique challenges, from heavy-duty wear and tear to the need for caution around sensitive equipment. That’s why we offer customized cleaning solutions that are as unique as your operations.

The Process of Industrial Cleaning

Summit Janitorial Services extensively assesses each area to ensure that it understands the extent of the project. We will allocate a dedicated workforce to the job, together with the necessary equipment. We will go over their work to ensure we have missed nothing.

cleaning process

The first step towards a better workplace is to contact Summit Janitorial Services. Our general manager will come to your location to assess your needs and create a precise specification.

cleaning stage 2

Once you’ve agreed to go ahead with the quotation, your area supervisor will introduce you to your new cleaner.

cleaning stage 3

We will start the cleaning and guarantee that the standards remain high. Then our company will continue to monitor your satisfaction with our service.

Attention to detail.
Everything matters

Appearances can be deceiving. We don’t just clean for appearance; we clean for the health and safety of your staff, your patients, your customers and your reputation.

We believe in doing things right the first time. Every time

From the tops of partitions to behind the toilets, we make sure all chrome is shined and floors are cleaned and detailed properly.

Our Industrial Janitorial Services Include:

  • Vacuum all carpeted surfaces
  • Empty trash and replace liners
  • Dust all tables, ledges, and other office equipment 
  • Clean and sanitize bathrooms, including toilets, urinals, sinks, doors, partition
  • Refill bathroom paper and soap supplies 
  • Clean glass
  • Perform additional spot cleaning as required
  • Sweep and mop hard surfaces
  • And more

Features and Benefits of Industrial Janitorial Services


  • What do you look for in a cleaning company when you meet with them? Are we well-organized? Is their vehicle dependable and clean? All of these aspects are related to the company’s structure.
  • Any outstanding commercial cleaning firm will make efforts to earn certificates and join top-tier professional organizations and associations to stay current with industry changes.
  • Inquire about the company’s procedures for handling key cards and keys. Who gets access to the property, and how do we decide who is eligible? These questions should have ready answers from a high-quality organization.
  • Look for commercial janitorial services with prices in the middle of the scale – not too expensive, nor too low.
  • Accidents happen, no matter how thoroughly you vet a cleaning service. Commercial cleaning firms will be completely insured and bonded, and we will be able to provide you with documentation of current general liability insurance.
  • An excellent business cleaning can provide references from satisfied customers, whether we’s worked with them before or are currently doing so.
  • When you engage a cleaning firm, you want to know that you can trust them to complete the job to the same high standard every time we enter the premises. The end outcome should always be the same, regardless of which commercial cleaners are cleaning your building.


  • When employees work in a clean and hygienic environment, their overall efficiency and enthusiasm improve.
  • You must maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness at all times to provide a healthy and secure environment for your staff and clients.
  • Commercial cleaning services allow you to focus on other aspects of your organization.
  • Commercial cleaners can also provide low-cost services. The extra money saved can be put towards other important things.
  • A commercial cleaning service for your workspace will help you improve your company’s professional image dramatically.

If you’re looking to hire a commercial janitorial services company near you, visit Summit Janitorial in Greenville, South Carolina.

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