Covid Disinfection Service

At Summit Janitorial Services, we know that ensuring that all of your employees and customers stay safe and well is a primary concern. That’s why we take extra caution in making sure that your business stays in business, whether through a pandemic or the annual flu season.

As a part of our regular cleaning services, we offer electrostatic disinfection of your spaces, an EPA-approved method of sanitation that kills the COVID virus—as well as other germs, bacteria and viruses—within one minute, is completely safe to use on all surfaces, and requires no additional  protective equipment. With flu season extending into multiple seasons, as well as COVID and other epidemics, more and more companies are adding electrostatic disinfection to their regular cleaning schedule. 

At Summit Janitorial Services, we provide cutting-edge disinfecting and sanitizing services to help your organization keep employees and customers as safe and protected as possible.

Disinfection Service

Innovative Technology

For effective disinfecting, we use electrostatic disinfection technology. This method uses an electrostatic sprayer and works by providing a positive charge to the liquid disinfectant as it exits the electrostatic sprayer. Therefore, the disinfectant will electromagnetically stick to a targeted surface, providing an efficient coating.

For high-touch equipment, countertops, chairs, floors, walls, and high traffic areas that need to be absolutely clean, electrostatic disinfection is the most comprehensive way to remove germs and kill a range of fungi, bacteria, and viruses such as COVID19. As all these microorganisms are eliminated within minutes.

The entire disinfection process is done following the CDC guidelines, and our staff uses appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

EPA Registered Disinfectants

Our trained professionals are equipped with EPA N Listed disinfectants that are proven effective against viruses and bacteria. The disinfectants are also hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly, and use non-harmful formulas that do not leave any residue or odors.

The disinfectants have a minimum dwell/contact time and are suitable for soft surfaces such as carpeted floors, rugs, and drapes, as well as electronics, so we won’t damage computers, telephones, remote controls, and other sensitive items.

electrostatic disinfection

Customized Services

Additionally, according to the CDC reopening guidance, employees and customers expect a higher level of cleanliness and continuous disinfection as you reopen your offices or business facilities.

At Summit Janitorial Services, we persistently pursue the highest standards of disinfection services with customized programs designed to meet the client’s needs. Whether you need daily or weekly disinfection services, we’ll partner with you to create a disinfection schedule. The schedule is customized depending on your facility size, budget, and virus-protection needs.
We’ll deep clean and sanitize all surfaces as per your plan, leaving you with a safe and healthy environment.

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