High Quality, Professional Medical Cleaning

With the ever-increasing demand for a cleaner and safer work environment throughout the medical industry, Summit Janitorial provides thorough, professional cleaning. Our staff is trained, experienced, and committed to providing an all-around clean for medical facilities.

Our medical cleaning process includes:


Disinfecting with TBcide products in operating


Sanitation of all touchable surfaces (doorknobs, countertops, tables, etc).

Cerified Medical cleaners

Facilitating AAAHC accreditation, Medicare certification, and Joint Commission Certification.

If you have questions about medical cleaning, ask our experts.

At Summit Janitorial, employees abide by comprehensive checklists for medical cleaning services. If you have questions about these procedures, contact us today.

Medical cleaning near you.

Summit Janitorial provides medical cleaning services for medical facilities in and around the Upstate, SC area.

The benefits of using our professional medical cleaning services run deep. Benefits include:

  • Maintaining a clean image for your facility
    • Cleanliness is upheld by routine cleaning. We make sure that your facility always looks impeccable and welcoming.
  • Prevention of cross-contamination
    • Cross contamination is capable of negatively affecting everyone in the hospital. Having a clean facility prevents it from happening.
  • Improvement of overall health
    • Professional medical cleaning all but eradicates bacteria, mold, pollen, and dust from the air, thereby improving the health of everyone in the facility.
  • Prevention of bloodborne pathogen contamination
    • Bloodborne pathogen contamination can cause infections in staff and patients. Professional medical cleaning can protect everyone from exposure.

In order to safeguard the health of everyone inside your medical facility, get in touch with Summit Janitorial for our professional medical cleaning services.

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