About Summit Janitorial | Best Janitorial Company in Greenville

Summit Janitorial | Best Janitorial Company in Greenville

About Summit Janitorial

Who We Are

Local. Committed. Experienced.

We’ve been serving the Upstate South Carolina for over three decades. Most importantly, from our employees to our ownership… we’re local.

At Summit, we’ve got a significant advantage over our competitors. Because we don’t pay franchise fees or sales commissions, we’ve managed to stay more cost efficient. That, coupled with the fact that all our payroll taxes and profits stay right here locally, allows us to support our local economy and hire the best crews to take care of your business.

Customized Solutions. Built on Trust.

“Relationships are everything in our business, and we take that seriously.”

When you give us the keys to your building, that’s an awesome responsibility. That’s why we have the same staff in your building every night, so you get to know them and trust them.

After we’ve visited with you to understand your needs and review your space, we customize a plan for your business. But more importantly, we deliver on that plan like no one else in this market.

Customized Solutions
Higher Standard of Quality

Raising the Bar. A Higher Standard of Quality.

“We’re licensed, bonded and insured. We conduct extensive background checks and pay a higher employee wage than our industry counterparts. Why this is important to you as a customer: Simply put, this affords us the ability to attract better quality employees who understand the balance between efficiency, exceeding expectations, and customer service.”

We believe customers appreciate a quality job, and our commitment to that starts with our staff. We don’t just promise the same level of excellence every time. We deliver.

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