A Clean Office helps Reduce Employee Sick Days

Feb 27, 2016

How Do Our Surroundings Impact Our Health?

reduce employee sick days with a clean officeIt is common knowledge that our surroundings can have an enormous impact on our health. For example, when someone with the cold comes into the office, their coughs and sneezes are going to cover doorknobs, keyboards, and other high-traffic areas with their germs. Although not all the people who come into contact with said germs are going to come down with colds of their own, enough of them can do so to turn what was once a manageable situation into a nightmare scenario. Something that is particularly likely in winter because more people are spending more time in enclosed spaces, thus making it that much easier for the common cold as well as other transmissible diseases to spread from person to person.

Of course, spring has its fair share of problems as well. After all, spring flowers and springtime conditions means that people will be bringing pollen and other allergens into the office, which is going to make life miserable for people who suffer from allergies. Not only will allergic reactions cut into their productivity but it can also cause their morale to sink like a stone in water, which is something that it shares to a surprising extent with transmissible diseases.

How Can Commercial Cleaning Help?

Fortunately, there is a simple and straightforward solution to this problem in the form of regular cleaning. After all, a clean office means a office with minimal germs, meaning a minimal chance of transmissible diseases burning through your workforce like wildfire. Similarly, a clean office reduces pollen and other allergens, which can make a world of difference for allergy sufferers.

For businesses, this is not just the right thing to do but also the financially-sensible thing to do. After all, a sick employee is an employee who is not generating revenues for the business, meaning that they turn from the most important assets that a business can have into anchors around its neck. In some cases, too many sick employees can even bring a business’s revenue-earning operations grinding to a halt, which comes with enormous short-term costs as well as potential long-term consequences from alienated customers. Just as importantly, no one enjoys being in a dirty environment that is making them sick, meaning that an illness-ridden work force will see its productivity plummet even if they manage to make it into work.

Of course, just because an office looks clean does not mean that it is clean. If you want to make sure that your high-traffic areas are free of germs that can cause transmissible diseases, you need commercial cleaning services, which have the expertise, the experience, and the equipment to ensure thorough results.

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