How Auto Dealership Cleaning Can Increase Sales!

Aug 15, 2018

There is a lot of competition in Auto Sales. This is due in part to the wide range in selection people have both with auto manufacturers and places to buy cars. In addition, you have an amazing array of financing options that give almost anyone the ability to afford a car. So how do you make your dealership stand out? Although you can’t do much about the amount of competition, you can make you Auto dealership cleaning something that sets your business apart from the competition. 

Sure, some people prefer a car from one auto manufacturer. However, most people are just looking to get a particular type of car. A midsize, or a crossover, or a coupe… It doesn’t matter who makes it, it just has to be the style they like with good features, and a better price. But is that really all people care about?

Auto Dealership Cleaning Can Increase Sales!How People Choose a Dealership

In todays connected world, most people know what they want before they show up at a dealership. They have compared manufacturers and models, read reviews and looked up complaints. By the time they walk onto your car lot, they have narrowed things down and are now looking to see how they car they are considering makes them feel. Is it comfortable, are the controls intuitive, do I enjoy driving it. If they feel happy after their test drive, they are more likely to buy. But it isn’t just the car that determines if they feel happy.

Auto Dealership Cleaning Can Make Customers Happy

There is more to making a customer happy then the car they are driving. Many studies have shown that if people don’t feel comfortable, they are far less likely to buy. The comfort level of the buyer can be affected by many things ranging from the temperature to the attitude of the sales person and even to the cleanliness of the dealership. 

If your dealership is not clean, you are missing out on sales. But if your sales people are cleaning the dealership, they are not serving potential customers. That is why smart dealerships in the upstate outsource their cleaning duties to Summit Janitorial. 

Summit Janitorial has been serving the upstate for over 20 years. And as a locally owned business, we take pride in our community. Our staff is better trained and better paid then our competitors. This means you get better service. Because when you give us the keys to your business, we take that responsibility seriously.

If you have a car dealership in the upstate area, give Summit Janitorial a call. We will send someone over to look over your facility and come up with a comprehensive plan to keep you clean and sanitized and make you look good for your customers. We will work with your team to discover the best times, and frequency of cleanings to meet your needs and your budget. We will become a part of your team because our staff doesn’t just work for us, they work for you. At Summit Janitorial we don’t cut corners, we clean them.

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